Chynna Phillips Seems Confused On Oprah

Okay, I purposely didn’t watch Oprah on Friday, as much as I love that woman and hate to miss her show. But, I knew that Chynna Phillips was going to be on, talking about her sister, Mackenzie’s, recent revelations on Oprah, that she had a very, very long-term affair with her father, John Phillips. This sick relationship did not take place between their dad and any other child in the family. But it did allegedly happen with Mackenzie. Throw into the mix the step-mother who’s denouncing the whole entire story as garbage and Chynna Phillips, who had said that she believed her sister. The whole thing was sick and twisted, I was trying really hard not to get sucked into it. But, after reading a tiny bit of Chynna’s interview on Friday with Oprah, I have now been fully sucked in. And I think Chynna was quite confusing.

Chynna says that she believes Mackenzie and that she’s known for years and years about this affair. But, then she couldn’t sit on the same stage with her sister? Whom she’s supposedly supporting? There’s just something about this that I’m not buying. And I’m not sure Chynna’s entirely buying it either. And she’s not doing a great job of covering that up. From ET Online,

“Former Wilson Phillips singer Chynna Phillips says she believes that her father had an incestuous relationship with her sister, Mackenzie Phillips.
In Mackenzie’s first interview that aired on Wednesday on “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” the former actress made claims of having an incestuous relationship with her father, The Mamas and the Papas lead singer John Phillips, for 10 years.
“It didn’t happen every day, didn’t happen every week, but it did happen many times,” the actress told Oprah. “It became a consensual relationship over time.”
“My sister and I are very close now,” Chynna told Oprah on her live show today.
Of the abuse claims, “I wasn’t there to see it,” she says. “When you’re on drugs, it’s hard to be accurate. There was a consensual relationship that lasted between my father and my sister that lasted for 10 years.”
The singer said she’s known for “about 12 years.” When they had the conversation, “You could have dropped a piano on my head and I wouldn’t have felt it,” Chynna said. “I believed her because — first of all, who’s going to go out of their way and say, ‘I had sex with my dad.'”
Mackenzie then joined via satellite. “I’m really sorry to put you in this position,” she said almost immediately. Chynna said she understood her sister’s reasons for coming out with her story.”

There’s also something that about Mackenzie’s apology that I just don’t buy. It’s not ‘I cannot be quiet anymore!’ It seems more like, ‘I’m sorry that you got caught in the middle of my selfish acts.’ And Chynna’s quip about getting the ‘Lord onboard’ may have been meant to be supportive. But is there a touch of ‘God help ya!’ in there? All of this I might be able to overlook but if she believes her sister,  and if she’s supporting her sister, why couldn’t she sit on the same stage as her? Why was she so worried that Mackenzie would twist her words? I have no doubt that Chynna loves her sister very much. I just don’t think she believes her as much as she’s saying she does.

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