Patrick Swayze Regrets Never Becoming a Father

I was so, so saddened when Patrick Swayze passed away. It’s rare that  a celebrity dies and I feel truly  sad about it but Patrick Swayze was just one of those great, great men. He was not only truly talented and a gift to all of us but he was also a wonderful husband to his wife, Lisa Neimi, and really just a great role model for all of us to look up to. He lived life so happily and it seemed, easily. But of course, Patrick Swayze had problems too and, as might not be expected, he had regrets in life. Or rather, maybe not regrets, but just one big regret. That was never having children. Swayze speaks in his memoirs abouthow  he and his wife lost a baby to miscarriage and they were never able to get pregnant again.  This story hits me on a very personal level and it just makes me like Patrick even more. From Pop Crunch,

“Patrick Swayze’s biggest regret in life was never becoming a father.

The Dirty Dancing actor – who lost his battle against pancreatic cancer last week – always wanted children with his wife of 33 years, Lisa Niemi, but the couple was devastated when she suffered a miscarriage three months into her pregnancy. Following the miscarriage, the couple continued trying to conceive, but Lisa never got pregnant again.

“I couldn’t wait to become a dad, to have a child with this woman I loved so dearly. And I wanted to be the best father I could be – the kind of father my dad had been to me,” Patrick writes in his memoir, The Time Of My Life, on sale Sept. 29. “I felt completely crushed with grief. We wanted to try again, but the loss had been so devastating that we just couldn’t do it right away. We figured we had plenty more years ahead of us. Eventually, we did start trying again hoping Lisa would get pregnant. But she never did.”

I’m so sorry to hear that Patrick Swayze had regrets with his life.  I wish there was some way he could know that, for every little girl like me, who watched Dirty Dancing over and over again when they were only 9 years old, that he showed us what real men were made of and how real men treated the people they love. In that way, I think he was a dad to all of us. He really was the perfect role model, never getting into the scandals of Hollywood and showing everyone that it’s possible to be a  great actor and a great person  –   all at the same time!

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