Lilo and Sam Brawl It Out Again

Maybe lumping Samantha Ronson into this latest fight with her girlfriend, Lindsay Lohan is a mistake. Especially seeing as how she probably didn’t even know it was going on at the time. Yep, Lilo has outdone herself once again. Not only did she throw plates, food, and trays at a hotel door while screaming at her girlfriend, Samantha Ronson but the door she was throwing all this crap at didn’t even have Sam on the other side. Nope. Lindsay failed to get her facts straight and so, while she was having one of her infamous tantrums, Sam was probably sleeping soundly in her own bed, or listening to her mp3 player. Either way, Sam was completely oblivious to the fact that Lilo was on the rampage once again. From Hollyscoop via Celebitchy,

“Lindsay Lohan is back to her old tricks! We suspected Lindsay wasn’t 100% “sober” like she’s been claiming, but this story pretty much confirms our speculation.

Inside sources tell Hollyscoop that Lindsay Lohan was kicked out of the Bowery Hotel in New York City last night after a blow-up fight with Samantha Ronson.

Police were called to the scene after Lindsay reportedly “threw a room-service tray at what she thought was her girlfriend’s door” during a heated fight.

The only problem was…she threw that tray at the wrong door. As a result Lindsay was kicked out of the posh hotel, with authorities escorting her off the premises.

The same source claims Lindsay’s friends and family are planning on staging an intervention to get her back in rehab for the fourth time!

It’s official! Lindsay is a mess! Her family and friends have a right to be concerned for her health and her safety. She’s clearly a threat to herself and those around her!”

Really, I’m surprised that Lindsay acting so completely out of control is still news. It does seem that we’re forced to read about this kind of crap coming from her every other day. I guess the fact that she was screaming at the wrong door does make this story a bit more interesting than the others. But really. Do any of us expect Lilo to grow up any time soon?

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