Did Jon and Hailey Break Up?

There’s a story floating around by In Touch Weekly that Jon Gosselin and Hailey Glassman have broken up. The two officially started dating weeks after Jon divorced his wife of 10 years, Kate Gosselin, though they were probably dating long before that. The two have seemed happy and in love for the past few months, calling each other their ‘soul mates’ and ‘best friends.’ Jon has made some harsh comparisons with Hailey and Kate, saying that he loves the former far more than he ever loved the latter. All of it seemed to be the right combination of a boy on the rebound and a girl looking for fame. But, none of it seems to matter because the relationship may have ended in Splitsville, even sooner than people predicted it would. From In Touch via Celebitchy,

“It started with a tabloid reporter and ended with a showgirl. After weeksof lies and cheating, Hailey Glassman has ended her four-month relationship with Jon Gosselin. According to a close friend of the 22-year-old, the final straw came after Jon traveled to Las Vegas without her in late August — even though she didn’t want him to go — and was photographed partying at hotspots like Jet and poolside at the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino surrounded by bikini-clad women. “When Jon came back, he said very little to Hailey, but his phone spilled the details,” the friend tells In Touch. “He had several text messages and photos taken with girls, including a showgirl. Hailey was shocked that he didn’t bother to delete any of it from his phone.”

On September 4, Hailey called Jon and told him she was through. “She’d had it,” the close friend adds. “She said she couldn’t trust him.” Once madly in love, Hailey first grew suspicious of Jon’s extracurricular activities when tabloid reporter Kate Major claimed she and Jon were an item in July. Although Jon told In Touch he and Kate were “just friends,” Hailey was still skeptical. “He lied to her about Kate Major,” the close friend reveals. Hailey also now believes that Jon was with other women as well, after he moved into a bachelor pad in New York. “He would go out and return wearing totally different clothes,” the close friend explains. “Hailey would question Jon about it, and he’d just say he had spilled a drink on himself.” Hailey also believes that Jon collects numbers from the adoring female fans who line the fence at the Reading, Pa., home he shares with his estranged wife, Kate. “She doesn’t want to deal with that,” the friend explains.”

I was quick to believe this story when I first read it. But I think that might just be because the relationship between Jon Gosselin and Ganja Glassman couldn’t end soon enough in my eyes. So I was hopeful. But then I read other stories about how Jon was taking Hailey around his home town just last Thursday, the same day the story broke. So I’m now thinking that this is probably just a case of In Touch getting their facts *ahem* confused.

But even if the story is true, why is Hailey so surprised that Jon is a schmuck? This is a man who hopped into bed with someone after just, JUST ending his marriage! Not to mention the fact that if Hailey wanted to blow off that Kate Major thing as just rumor, she sort of had it coming to her. You can’t look at a situation, deny to yourself that it’s bad, and then be surprised that it didn’t all turn out like roses. It’s too bad that these two did break up if the story is true. It looks like they’re both stupid enough to be perfect for each other.

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