Elle MacPherson Flushes Feminism Straight Down the Drain

Honestly. I had hoped that with the great strides that women have made in the past few decades, and with how far we have come, that women have stopped viewing themselves as only sex symbols and objects to admire. I had hoped that we had come to a place where we could be happy with what we have achieved and be able to look back on our accomplishments and success with great pride. I had hoped that this was true whether you were a housewife in Idaho or an actress in Hollywood. Well, Elle MacPherson obviously hasn’t caught on to this ideal way of womanly life.

MacPherson, who has been known for much of her life as being an epitome of a sex symbol, and her great talent as an actress, has come out with one of the stupidest quotes I’ve read in a long time. In it she talks about how she’s starting to look old. I have no problem with this. Everyone starts to look old at some point and there’s no law against stating the obvious. But then she goes on to say that people won’t think she’s done anything with her life because she hasn’t had any plastic surgery. Pardon me? Since when are we judging what a person has accomplished in their life by the way they look? From Contact Music,

“Supermodel ELLE MACPHERSON fears fans will think she’s starting to look old at 46 when she appears on new U.S. TV show THE BEAUTIFUL LIFE – because she hasn’t had any plastic surgery.
The Aussie stunner admits even she’s shocked at how she looks compared to her beautiful co-stars, like Mischa Barton and Sara Paxton.
MACpherson, who plays a modelling boss, says, “Sometimes I really see that I’m the one that hasn’t done anything because I think, ‘People must think oh my God, she looks old.'”

Elle MacPherson has been in, among other things, Batman & Robin, With Friends Like These, Jane Eyre, and A Girl Thing. She also appeared as a guest on countless television shows including Friends and Saturday Night Live. Not to mention that before that, she was mostly known as being a mega-supermodel.  There’s just so much here that doesn’t make sense to me. Not only does Elle MacPherson think that people should be judged on what they look like, but she also thinks that she, who appears on many pinups, is starting to look old.

Well, dear Lord, when Elle MacPherson starts to think that she’s looking bad, there’s certainly no hope at all for the rest of us!

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#1 Vince on 09.06.09 at 10:32 am

Since when is Elle MacPherson the poster girl for feminism? I hardly think her comment is going to hold back all the hairy legged, hairy armpitted ballbusters out there. The only women who complain about women being viewed as sex objects are the ugly ones.

#2 Robert on 07.24.10 at 10:14 am

Really !!!… Elle stop killing the RHINOS ….

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