Amy Winehouse and Blake are Seeing Each Other

Well, the fact that Amy Winehouse and Blake Fielder-Civil are officially back together is about as sure as an anonymous source can be. According to said source, the two were seen out together last week, just days after their divorce became final. Despite the fact that Blake had a jealous fit while still behind bars, upon which he filed for divorce from Amy, he has said since that he and Amy were meant to be together and that he wants her back. I have no doubt that’s true but if Amy was stupid enough to take him back, she obviously hadn’t made the recovery everyone thought she did. But the fact remains that Amy and Blake really do seem to be back on the path of destruction. From Contact Music,

“Amy Winehouse went on two secret date with her ex-husband on Friday, fuelling rumours they are getting back together.

Amy Winehouse been reunited with Blake Fielder-Civil.

The ‘Love Is A Losing Game’ singer saw her ex-husband – whom she was officially divorced from last week – for the first time in 14 months for a secret date on Friday (04.09.09).

A source said: “Amy had been secretly planning this meeting – but told everyone she didn’t want to see Blake.

“The date went well. They had dinner and drinks and then – without anyone else knowing – she invited him back to her place early Saturday morning.”

In order for Amy, 25, to sneak Blake – banned by her family from seeing her – into her home, she had to send him through a window, so security wouldn’t raise the alarm.

The source explained to Britain’s News Of The World Newspaper: “Amy has two full-time security men at her house under strict instruction not to let Blake in.

“But Amy wasn’t having any of it, so she got him in through a back window so they could have some private time away from prying eyes.

“Blake spent part of the night in the house, we think in Amy’s bedroom.

“She’s being very secretive about it but we know he was there.

“He’s in love with her, he’s convinced they’re still meant to be together.

“Despite everything she’s said about him over the last couple of weeks, deep down she feels the same way.”

Last month it was revealed Amy was posing as her cat to send secret messages to Blake, and had created a profile for her pet feline Shirley on social networking site Facebook and used it to talk to him.

Blake originally filed to divorce Amy from prison in January after she was pictured with other men. Amy admitted adultery as the reason for their divorce in its initial hearing.”

Really? Infidelity? That’s what the breakup of this marriage is being blamed on? What about the fact that when Amy and Blake get together, they like to shove needles into their arms and put stuff up their noses? What about the fact that Blake has repeatedly been aggressive and violent when it comes to speaking to Amy in the house from which he is banned? What about the fact that these two are a train wreck when they aren’t together, never mind when they are! No, it’s because she flirted and slept with a few cute cabana boys while in St. Lucia. That must be it.

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