Ashlee and Pete May Really Be Headed for Splitsville

Just a couple of weeks ago there were stories floating around that Ashlee Simpson might be headed for Splitsville with her new hubby, Pete Wentz. I chalked it up to a slow news week, and the fact that they had a public fight, as married couples sometimes do. But now it seems, there may have been truth to the thinking that this was more than just an argument. And the initial reports that the trouble in Paradise is due to Ashlee’s drinking and partying apparently couldn’t be more wrong. Now, that I’ll believe. Ever since she got married and preggers, Ashlee has really not seemed like the party girl. That may change now that she’ll be out more and working more on the set of Melrose Place but up to this point, I don’t think her wild girl ways can be blamed. And Pete Wentz is a schmuck, I’d just also like to say. From Star via Celebitchy,

“It was Ashlee Simpson-Wentz’s worst nightmare come true. While rummaging around in a guest bedroom in her $4.7 million Beverly Hills home on Aug. 19, she discovered what she believed to be evidence of husband Pete Wentz cheating on her, a friend tells Star. Ashlee was so distraught that she dropped off their 9-month-old son, Bronx, at her parents’ house and checked into a hotel, even though Pete was performing with Fall Out Boy in St. Louis that night. “I can’t stand being at that house anymore,” Ashlee, 24. told her pal. “I need to clear my head. I have a lot on my plate, and my marriage is stressing me out.”

But when she called Pete to talk things out, he didn’t answer, which only enraged her. After repeatedly calling him (and getting his voicemail), Ashlee finally reached her husband – and snapped. An insider says she screamed, “Don’t even bother coming hoe! I don’t want to look at you!”

She must have struck a nerve, because that same night, Pete posted on Twitter, “Money doesn’t grow on trees. Neither does happiness,” before referring to himself as an “a–hole.” Four days later, he took a break in the band’s tour and traveled hoe to L.A. Pete Twittered about his excitement to see his son – but made no mention of his wife: “Can’t wait to see the little homie.”

As Star reported, Ashlee has long suspected her husband of getting too close to the young female musical acts he workswith, Hey Monday and Millionaires and she can’t take the flirting anymore! “Ashlee doesn’t trust Pete at all,” says an insider. “They fight all the tie and sometimes don’t speak for days. Things have gotten bad. Pete doesn’t want to deal with Ashlee and her drama.”

Pete’s flirting sparked the latest public brawl between him and Ash at the one-year anniversary of his Chicago bar, Angels & Kings, on Aug. 15. Although he hadn’t seen his wife in almost a month and she’d come to town just for the day to support him, Pete, 30, quickly left Ash in the VIP area to hit the DJ booth and party with friends. After an hour and a half, she’d had enough and stormed over to her inebriated husband, says an eyewitness. “Ashlee was fumin. She yelled at Pete, ‘Enough! Let’s go!’”

I once really liked Ashlee Simpson and I stopped liking her a lot more once she married that idiot Wentz. So it wouldn’t kill me tosee them break up. But I’m never a fan of families splitting apart either. It sounds like it’s a case of ‘he said/she said’ with Pete’s camp blaming it on Ashlee and vice versa. I think things just happened way too fast for this young couple. There really was a time that they were extremely happy and in love. But when you push something too far too fast, it’s bound to crack under the pressure. And when one of you is a complete schmuck, it’s gonna happen sooner rather than later.

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