Nick and Vanessa Want to Have Their Cake…

It seems that Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo just can’t decide what they want. They dated for several years and then broke up early in the summer. Then they were seen out once together just recently making out and clearly not caring who was in the room or who saw them doing what. Now, they’ve […]

Ashlee and Pete May Really Be Headed for Splitsville

Just a couple of weeks ago there were stories floating around that Ashlee Simpson might be headed for Splitsville with her new hubby, Pete Wentz. I chalked it up to a slow news week, and the fact that they had a public fight, as married couples sometimes do. But now it seems, there may have […]

I Repeat, Lady Gaga IS a Hermaphrodite

Several weeks ago it came out that Lady Gaga is a hermaphrodite. The ‘rumor’ started when her male parts came out of her too-short dress while she was in concert. When Gaga addressed the ‘rumor’ at the time, she confirmed it. She said, “I have a peener and a pooner. What’s the big f***ing deal?” […]