Travis Barker and Mandy Moore Speak about DJ AM

When I first heard of DJ AM’s death on Saturday, the first people I thought of, and that the world thought of I think, were Travis Barker and Mandy Moore. Barker was on the same plane as DJ AM was that ended up crashing and killing 4 other people.Moore dated the DJ for quite awhile and after his horrific accident, Moore rushed to be by his side. I think we were all hoping for a reunion there and even though that didn’t happen, it was apparent that these two were very close. Travis Barker and Mandy Moore was some of the first celebrities to speak out about Adam Goldstein’s tragic death.

Travis Barker posted his thoughts on Twitter and was also onstage when Blink 182 performed and dedicated a song to Adam. Just hearing about this concert is so sad. I can’t imagine being there for that. You can hear the emotion pouring out of the words. And seeing guys cry is just something that always seems so much more sad. From Daily Blabber,

“After both cheated death in that fatal airplane crash last year, Travis Barker is struggling to accept the loss of his good pal Adam Goldstein.

“Don’t know how I am gonna play 2night but I am for AM,” the Blink-182 drummer, 33, posted on Twitter Saturday night before the band’s concert in Hartford, Connecticut. “My brother is gone. I love u and miss u, I’ll never forget all the good times we had.”

“I’ll never forget everything we’ve been through and every time I play the drums, I’ll think of you. U were an amazing friend/DJ/human being.”

“Rest in peace, my brother,” he Tweeted. “This really f*cks me up.”

Later that night at the concert, Blink’s bassist Mark Hoppus told the crowd, “This night is really hard for us on stage. We lost a dear friend yesterday. His name was Adam Goldstein. You probably know him as DJ AM. He was an innovator and a genius and he loved music more than anything else. Above all he was a dear friend.”

The band dedicated their song “Down” to AM, and the guys members cried as it played. Travis didn’t talk to the crowd at all and actually left the stage before the concert was over.

“Thank you very much,” Mark said at the end of the show. “Although today is one of the hardest days in our entire lives, we wouldn’t want to spend it anywhere else. Thank you for all of your support.”

Mandy Moore gave a bit more standard, “My thoughts are with them at this time…” But I can also imagine that for her, there are no words that would rightly express just what she’s feeling. Losing someone that close to you is just too hard. And I can’t imagine having to deal with things like press statements when all you want to do is grieve. Moore’s statement also comes from the Daily Blabber,

“Mandy Moore, who rushed to Adam Goldstein’s side after his horrific plane crash last year, has releaseda statement on the death of her former boyfriend.

“I am absolutely heartbroken,” the actress/singer told “For those of us lucky enough to have known him, Adam radiated a contagious exuberance for life and also personified the very definition of a true friend.”

To say that he will be missed beyond words is an understatement,” she continued. “My heart goes out to his loved ones.”

This story is just so sad. People has also been reporting that DJ AM definitely wanted to commit suicide. When friends couldn’t get ahold of him, police entered the apartment but they had to break in. Goldstein had shoved mirrors up against the doors and wedged them shut so that getting in was a challenge in itself. Goldstein lay on his bed with 8 OxyContin in his stomach and another in his mouth. Around him was pictures and cards from when he and his formergirlfriend, Haley Wood, were together. The two had just recently broken up.

This story really does get worse and worse with each bit of new information. And now I can’t even imagine what Haley Wood must be feeling! Just such a sad, sad story.

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