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Julie Chen Welcomes a Baby Boy!

We all watched Julie Chen get bigger and bigger this summer as she got further along in her pregnancy with every episode of Big Brother. To be honest, when it got down to the Final Four, I kept expecting a guest host every week, because Chen looked so ready to pop! But Julie made it […]

Chris Brown Makes Pathetic Attempt at Comeback

I don’t know. Is it really considered a ‘comeback’ when Chris Brown has only been on Hollywood’s Most Hated list for less than a year now? Well, whether it can be called a comeback or not, Chris Brown is making  his first live appearance since he beat his girl, Rihanna, to a pulp in February. […]

Kelly Rutherford is a Whacko

Have I said this before? I think Kelly Rutherford is a whacko. She had this completely bitter divorce with her ex-husband, Daniel Giersch, and it couldn’t have helped that the divorce proceedings started when she was about two months pregnant with their second child. Their custody battle was even uglier with creepy details about Kelly’s […]

Chynna Phillips Seems Confused On Oprah

Okay, I purposely didn’t watch Oprah on Friday, as much as I love that woman and hate to miss her show. But, I knew that Chynna Phillips was going to be on, talking about her sister, Mackenzie’s, recent revelations on Oprah, that she had a very, very long-term affair with her father, John Phillips. This […]

Ellen Pompeo Has a Baby Girl!

Aw, there’s a new bundle of pink and joy in the world as Ellen Pompeo gave birth to Stella Luna Pompeo! Stella was born on September 15 and I commend the proud parents, Ellen and Chris Ivery for being able to keep the joyous news under wraps for as long as they have. I also […]

Are Justin and Jessica Headed for Splitsville?

I’ve never been interested at all in the relationship starring Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel. They’re just so utterly boring as a couple and I’m not a big fan of either one of them as individuals. But now it seems that these two might get a bit more interesting, mostly due to the fact that […]

Patrick Swayze Regrets Never Becoming a Father

I was so, so saddened when Patrick Swayze passed away. It’s rare that  a celebrity dies and I feel truly  sad about it but Patrick Swayze was just one of those great, great men. He was not only truly talented and a gift to all of us but he was also a wonderful husband to […]

Christina Aguilera was Abused by Her Father

Thanks to  The Sun, it’s now coming out that Christina Aguilera was once beaten, pretty severely and on a regular basis, by her father. The abuse got so bad that at one point, she says she was left ‘drenched in blood.’ And at the time, she was only 4 years old.  The news is sickening […]

Lilo and Sam Brawl It Out Again

Maybe lumping Samantha Ronson into this latest fight with her girlfriend, Lindsay Lohan is a mistake. Especially seeing as how she probably didn’t even know it was going on at the time. Yep, Lilo has outdone herself once again. Not only did she throw plates, food, and trays at a hotel door while screaming at […]

Pics of Katherine Heigl’s New Baby Girl! flower delivery in woodbridge

https://flowercompany.ca/woodbridge/ flower delivery in woodbridge It was reported last week that Katherine Heigl was well on her way to adopting a little girl from Korea. Not only has the flower co. and the adoption gone through, and little Naleigh is at home with Katherine and Katherine’s hubby, Josh Kelley, but there are already first pictures […]

Avril and Deryck: Splitsville

Why does everything have to be so complicated? I bet Avril Lavigne is singing her own lyrics right now as it’s been reported that she and her husband of three years, Deryck Whibley have split up. While divorce papers have yet to be filed, reports are that Avril has booted Deryck out of their California […]

Are Doug and Paris Back Together?

Remember back in June when Paris Hilton dumped Doug Reinhardt and then was seen flashing her panties and molesting soccer superstar, Cristiano Ronaldo not even 24 hours later? If you don’t, I can’t say that I blame you. The life of Paris Hilton just isn’t all that interesting, regardless of what she believes. And who […]

Couple Watch: Nicole and Keith

Over the past week, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban have taken some time away from gazing adoringly into little Sunday Rose’s eyes to step out as the great-looking couple they are. These two really have been somewhat holed up ever since their little girl was born back in July, as they’ve taken some time to […]

Katherine Heigl and Hubby to Adopt Korean Child

Yay!! This is news that is very, very exciting to me! Katherine Heigl, the best of all the cast on Grey’s Anatomy, is adopting a little girl from Korea! Heigl has said for awhile now that when her and her husband, Josh Kelley are ready to have a baby that they would be going to […]

The Travolta’s First Public Appearance Since January

There’s no doubt that it’s been a very hard year for the Travolta family. After losing their son in January, they each as individuals seemed to fall apart. Understandably so. John Travolta couldn’t be seen, much less interviewed, except for driving a golf cart around his massive estate in the wee hours of the morning. […]

Did Jon and Hailey Break Up?

There’s a story floating around by In Touch Weekly that Jon Gosselin and Hailey Glassman have broken up. The two officially started dating weeks after Jon divorced his wife of 10 years, Kate Gosselin, though they were probably dating long before that. The two have seemed happy and in love for the past few months, […]

Kate and A-Rod are Not Engaged, So They Say

I didn’t even knowthat Kate Hudson went wandering around sporting a diamond ring on her left hand until the reports that she was engaged were denied. Of course, whenever a female celeb walks around wearing a band around their left finger, people automatically assume that she’s been engaged. And for good reason. But the reports […]

Nicole Richie Has a Bird!

No, she didn’t throw one of her famous screaming fits at any photographers – it’s not that kind of bird. But what Nicole Richie did do was give birth to a beautiful and bouncing baby boy very early yesterday morning. I think I may start referring to the kid as “The Bird” from now on […]

Oh, Snap! Chris Brown Takes on Oprah!

After Chris Brown beat the crap out of Rihanna, Oprah Winfrey stepped in. Oprah did a show shortly after the beating about domestic abuse and the horrors that it carries. She also mentioned Chris and Rihanna specifically, and gave Rihanna the message to get out because “he will hit you again.” Harsh words. But, very […]

Jon Gosselin Speaks Out

It’s been awhile since I’ve written anything about the Gosselin family. I got really tired of the “Kate shops at Target/Jon acts like a juvenile” headlines that appeared every day. Also, these people are not stars. They may have been quasi-stars at one point when their show was a big hit and they still appeared […]