Why I Hate Megan Fox: Reason #347

Ooohh, I hate Megan Fox. Really a lot, I can’t stand Megan Fox. Every time she opens her mouth, trash falls out. And most of the time, she doesn’t even have any reason for saying it. She tries to get points across using vulgar and unnecessary expressions. And while I’m not one to be prudish, she thinks she stands among the classy women of Hollywood. When really she’s so far on the other side, it makes me a little bit sick. Add to top it all off, she pulls Brian Austin Green along with her, only to flick him away when she’s bored and then pull him back in. Even when she’s with him she can’t find any way to say something nice about him. As is the case with her latest interview.

In her interview that appears in the newest issue , that’s also decorated so she leers out at you, Fox talks about diarrhea, vaginas, oh and let’s not forget how awesome it is to always win when you’re a woman. She touches on it all. From via Celebitchy,

“On her weirdest phobia: “Touching newspaper.”

On the one thing she’s always wished she’d said “yes” to: The Hannah Montana Movie

On her ideal date: “A sexy sandwich with Andy Samberg and Jonah Hill…”

On the most scared she’s ever been: “Everytime I go on stage — instant diarrhea.”

On being able to count the number of guys she’s gotten naked in front of on one hand: “I never call them guys. I always called them boys. Maybe it’s a superiority complex–my needing to keep them down.”

On women having the power in a het relationship: “Women hold the power because we have the vaginas. If you’re in a heterosexual relationship and you’re a female, you win.”

On being a firm believer in monogamy: “I have no problem with commitment–you can’t have a real relationship without it. I can flip on a switch in my brain, and even if the next Brad Pitt is standing next to me, I won’t look at him. but I can also turn that switch of, and then I collect attractive boys.” (She’s currently dating Brian Austin Green.)

On not going for the typical Hollywood types: “It’s fun when someone intends to put you in his back pocket, but instead, he walks away wounded. I make it a mind game so they don’t know if I’m hitting onthem or mocking them. Male actors drop lines about their private jets, trying to seem powerful, but I don’t give a s—. I don’t need someone else’s power. I’m obtaining my own.”

I do like the part about obtaining her own power. But the rest of it is so bad that it totally overshadows that small, nice line at the end. And I don’t understand the part about flipping off the switch and collecting attractive boys. I’m sure that has to make Brian Austin Green feel good, being part of a collection. And I guess this also means that the two are currently back together. For now anyway. Ugh! I’m so done with thinking about Megan Fox!

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#1 Peaches R on 03.26.10 at 11:05 am

Shes such a slut!

#2 Jimmy on 11.08.10 at 9:26 pm

Post was done by a female author I guess?

Jealously’s a bitch. 😉

#3 a Man on 11.09.10 at 12:50 am

I’m a man, there for MEGAN FOX = HAWT!!!

Don’t be jealous because you are a turd compared to her, she’s awesomesauce!

Srsly… Many men over the world would do whatever to even kiss her, a man would’t even pay you to do anything. get a grip love!

#4 another Man on 11.09.10 at 12:51 am

/Agree with comment above…

#5 Emma Watson on 08.20.11 at 6:45 pm

Ugly and brainless.

#6 Xin mei on 01.06.12 at 7:51 pm

I actually don’t hate Megan Fox but I think she is a bit annoying and fake sometimes. She is quite pretty in my opinion, but too bad her plastic surgeries make her looks terrible. I hope that she can change her attitude a bit so she will be more admired.

#7 hahaha on 04.02.12 at 5:12 am

I mean…. she used to be beautiful before she got all of her plastic surgery…Now she looks soo fake….. And I’m not saying this because I am jealous… Because I am NOT…..but she just needs to keep her mouth shut…

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