The Woman Beater Gets Some Punishment After All

I was so happy to read that Chris Brown will get some sort of punishment after all for beating Rihanna back in February. I really thought that the courts were going to give him a slap on the wrist and that would be the end of it. And when Rihanna herself looked as though she was back incontact, or at least trying to get back in contact with him, I really had lost all hope that Brown would see any ramifications from the incident.

But it seems that even if Rihanna does want to talk to Chris, the courts aren’t going to let her. Among other things, Chris was sentenced to 5 Rihanna-less years. 5 years where he won’t be able to talk to the Umbrella singer or get messages to her through someone else. I’m breathing a huge sigh of relief on this one! And thankfully someone in the justice system is smart enough to find those ‘third party’ loopholes. So Chris can’t weasel his way out of this one! From US,

“Chris Brown was formally sentenced Tuesday to five years’ probation for beating Rihanna. He also was ordered to complete 180 days community labor to be personallysupervised by the chief of police in Brown’s hometown of Richmond, Va.

He must personally come to court every three months during his probation. The first appearance will be Nov. 19.

Brown, 20, also must complete a 52-week domestic violence program sponsored by the Commonwealth Catholic in Richmond.

He was ordered not to contact Rihanna (including by phone or through a third person) for the next five years. He also must stay 100 yards from her, unless they are both at an entertainment-related event, in which he must stay 10 yards away.

In addition, Brown is subject to search and seizure 24/7 for the next five years and cannot own any dangerous weapon, including guns or knives, according to TMZ.

He must pay $2,500 in restitution, in addition to $2,500 in probation expenses.

At Tuesday’s hearing, Brown appeared solemn as he verbally stated he understood and accepted the terms of the probation.”

None of this is enough but at least it’s something. And it keeps Chris and Rihanna away from each other, which is also a pretty BIG something! Not that any of us were unaware of this either but Star is also reporting that Chris and Rihanna had a past history of violence. It seems there was one incident when the two got into a fight and Rihanna was pushed into a wall. And another time, Chris blew his top and smashed out the front and passenger windows of a car. Too late to do anything about it now in Rihanna’s case but hopefully this is a lesson for other young girls. If a man is violent, it’s only going to get worse. It never gets better.

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#1 jacob williams on 08.26.09 at 8:14 am

Well its a bad thing and a good thing he will learn his lesson and never do it again and he will never think or have the thought to hit a women.

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