LeAnn and Eddie are in Hiding No More!

Well there’s one thing clear about LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian. Not only are they both homewreckers but they also like to move fast. Very, very fast. Not only did Eddie’s wife leave him shortly after the affair between her ex-husband and the singer went public, but LeAnn also left her husband, Dean Sheremet just a few days later. Now, when most couples are caught in the act, they usually try to be a little bit classy about it and hold off on flaunting their new-found love. Nuh-uh. Not the case here. Not only was Eddie seen leaving LeAnn’s house one early morning after having spent the night but the two also went out golfing later on that day together. Now, I don’t like shams and so I’m happy that they’re not pretending that they’re not together. But really. Have a heart for those people who’s lives you just completely shattered. From Star,

“LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian’s relationship is out in the open.
The duo, who were both married when they began an affair last November, are no longer hiding their love away! On Thursday morning he was photographed leaving her house after spending the night and soon after they rendezvoused at the Valencia Country Club in Los Angeles for a round of golf.

The two spent the day hitting the links and kicked back in the golf cart between holes.

Their day of fun took a serious turn Thursday night when L.A.P.D. officers showed up at LeAnn’s home to investigate her involvement of a hit-and-run car accident. She reportedly was accused of leaving the scene of a car crash in Brentwood at 7:45pm, but no charges have been filed.”

When did LeAnn turn into such a bad-ass? Now she’s involved in hit and runs? And flaunting her boy toy just weeks after she has separated from her husband? It just really seems like non-LeAnn behavior. Maybe that’s just the point that she’s trying to get across to everyone. But nevertheless, all of this behavior is just disgusting in my books. I really never thought that LeAnn Rimes would be added to Hollywood’s list of bad girls.

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