Bump Watch: Heidi Klum

Only a person like Heidi Klum could make me gush while she stands wearing a tie-dye scarf draped around her hips and wears nothing on her legs. Add to the fact that she is very, very pregnant and it could quickly become an ugly sight. Not that I have anything against the human body in its most natural form, I really don’t. I happen to be one of those people that thinks baby bellies are just too cute for words. But my god, that outfit she’s wearing is just plain hideous. But hey, it’s Heidi Freakin Klum and she would look stunning, beautiful and stylish no matter what she wore. Heidi Klum really does amaze me every time I see her. And she’s always wearing that smile too. The one that screams (softly), “I’m just so very content.” And why shouldn’t she be? Married to Seal…expecting baby #4…supermodel…megamillionaire. Yep, this is one gal that has it all! We still have a bit of time left for Klum’s bump watches as she’s due in the early fall. Can’t wait to see that baby!!

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