Drew and Justin Hit a Rocky Patch

Drew Barrymore and Justin Long haven’t even confirmed that they’re back together (even though the rest of us know it already) and The National Enquirer is reporting that they may be headed for Splitsville. What is it with the tabloids this week? First they turned a spat between Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz into a case of near-divorce and now they’re doing the same thing to Drew and Justin. And to be fair, I haven’t read this story anywhere else so maybe it’s just a case of the Enquirer not getting their facts right. From The National Enquirer,

“Drew Barrymore got into a huge public fight with boyfriend Justin Long – and the explosion could be the final blow to their romance.

Justin is fed up with the high-powered A-lister’s efforts to turn him into a big star, and it finally boiled over on the set of their new movie, say sources.

“Drew’s been pushing Justin way too hard,” an insider told The ENQUIRER.

“She’s determined to transform him into a leading man. But Justin is resisting. And they’re now beginning to clash in a way that is undoing their love.”

Eyewitnesses on the Manhattan set of Going the Distance were shocked by the pair’s recent confrontation.

“They were filming a scene when Drew stopped everything and decided to give Justin some acting suggestions,” confided the insider.

“He was not receptive. The discussion escalated – and soon it was getting louder and louder.”

Finally, Justin “huffed off to his trailer” with Drew trailing behind, said the insider.

“Once inside, they began yelling at each other!”

I am sure that both Drew and Justin realize that Justin is already a huge star. And that he made that name for himself, with no help from Drew. I can see Drew overstepping the boundaries and trying to give him some ‘help’ but I think that might just be a girlfriend thing. And if they really did go into his trailer and start yelling at each other? So what? Couples fight. Even famous ones. I think people need to get over it.

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