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I was really hoping that after the announcement of their separation, that all the media blitz surrounding Jon and Kate Gosselin would die down. I didn’t expect it to stop completely but I was hoping that people would lose interest. I guess that’s difficult when you’re talking about two totally crazy people. The latest news is that Kate had the police called on her, by none other than her ex-hubby. And that said ex-hubby’s girlfriend is talking to the media. Oh, why not? For people who wanted their lives to stop being such a ‘media circus’ they certainly know how to draw attention to themselves, don’t they?

The first story is about how Kate came to their home in Pennsylvania when it was Jon’s time with the kids. He in turn, would not allow her in and even went so far as to call the cops on her. To be fair, I don’t totally disagree with Jon here. Kate does need to realize that his time with the kids is his time. And if she’s not willing to respect that, then extra measures might need to be taken. Now, whether or not his babysitter really needed to stay the night with Jon, who knows? But it’s Jon Gosselin we’re talking about. Do we really expect anything less? From Star,

“The gloves are off in the battle royale between Jon and Kate Gosselin.
Following their huge fight outside their Wernersville, Penn. home on Thursday, which began over Jon’s nanny/love interest Stephanie Santoro, Jon is giving his side of the story — as in he blames Kate for the entire thing!

“There was a miscommunication,” Jon says of the incident. “Kate said she was coming home, and I said, ‘Well, it’s my turn to spend time with the kids.’ I don’t come home when she’s with the kids because I respect her time with the kids… So she tried to come home yesterday and I wouldn’t let her in the gate, and I guess she called the police and the police came.”

Jon says that the police ordered Kate off the property — and she was later seen checking into a Days Inn motel.

“The officer pulled me aside and I said, ‘This has never happened to me before. I’m just spending quality time with my kids. She’s gonna have to leave,'” Jon recounts. “She tried to take it up with the cops, but they basically said, ‘You have to leave.'”

The single-and-mingling dad confirmed that the feud began over Santoro, the babysitter who he hired — and who recently spent the night with Jon at the house.

“I came home from filming and I called my babysitter, Steph, and she came over,” the TLC reality star says. “She’s always available; some of our babysitters live far away. I guess [Kate] didn’t agree with my babysitting [choice]. But, you know, I didn’t rip hers. So [it’s] something we’ll have to work out with our attorneys and custody and all that.”

The other side of the story comes from Ganja Glassman, who is one of Jon’s many reported girlfriends since his split with Kate. Her hard tale is that she’s already sick of the media spotlight and just wants to live a happy life with her new boyfriend. My question is, if she really wants no media attention, why is she giving interviews? Also from Star,

“Jon Gosselin’s young gal pal is ready for her close up.

A week after former Starreporter Kate Major concluded her 4-part interview about her blink-and-you-missed-it relationship with the Octo-Dad on E!, his current squeeze — Hailey Glassman, is ready to talk.

The 23-year-old was interviewed on Friday at The Essex House in NYC for a segment that will run next week on E! News. During the interview, Hailey — the daughter of Kate Gosselin’s plastic surgeon — says she and Jon are very much together.

“Jon and Kate have moved on with their lives — it’s only the viewers who haven’t moved on,” explains Hailey.

As for how they got together, she says, “He was living in my house, the person I joked around with. He was sad and bored, I was home and bored. I’m not some famewhore. I’ve been in hiding for three months.”

She adds, “Do I choose my life or do I choose Jon? I stay in my house with my parents where I feel safe. Take my 15 minutes, you can have it back. Please take it back!”

Hailey Glassman has already made me sick. Not only did I lose all respect for her when I first heard of – when she started dating Jon – but I can’t stand people who are tired of the spotlight yet they continue to draw it towards them. It’s just total BS and I do think that she’s a famewhore. Whether her and Jon continue dating, I don’t really care. But I wish she would stop talking about it and stay with her parents. Where she feels ‘safe.’ Because apparently, even walking the streets is downright dangerous for her. And as for the fans letting it go, I think any fans or former fans of the show have already let it go. It’s those that want to keep making money off it that need to let that dream die.

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