Another Homewrecker Tries to Defend Himself

Eddie Cibrian makes me sick. He’s the reason that the marriage between LeAnn Rimes and Dean Sheremet dissolved. Okay, LeAnn is also another huge reason why her marriage didn’t work out. But at least LeAnn isn’t coming to the media and talking about how unfair it is that everyone knows everything about her life. I can’t even tell you how much I hate celebrities who search their whole life for fame and fortune and then when they get it, they complain about how their privacy has been completely stripped of them. Yes, it has. And it’s exactly what you asked for.

That’s just what Eddie is doing now. He’s been talking to Entertainment Tonight lately and he speaks about what a good father he is, and how it’s so unfortunate that the affair had to be publicized so much. Well, it did have to be. Because, LeAnn Rimes is a pretty big celebrity. Not Eddie, but LeAnn. And when you sleep with someone famous, especially when she’s married, it’s sure to hit the tabloids. This whole interview is Eddie giving himself one big pity party. And it stinks. From Entertainment Tonight via Celebitchy,

“ET: What do you think about what people are saying about you?
EC: “The truth is I don’t really know … how people perceive me… What I do know is when you reach a certain point in your career you’re placed in this unfair fishbowl. Things unfortunately get magnified and a lot of time they get devoid of [unintelligible]. We are all human, we are all not perfect. But the fact is I love my family dearly, and I’m a great father. It just saddens me that this is hurtful and being played out publicly. That‘s all.”

Most people didn’t even know who Eddie Cibrian was beforehe started stealing other men’s wives so I really don’t know what he’s complaining about. This ‘unfair fishbowl’ is something that he placed himself in, no one else. And if he had decided to just be an honorable man and not destroy the lives of everyone he knew, people would be paying absolutely no attention to him.

And, I really, really don’t like to call people bad parents. I do think it’s one of the biggest insults you can give to someone who has children. But, when you go behind your entire family’s back and cheat on the person who gave you those children, you don’t have your family best interests at heart. And that does make you a bad father. People fall out of love all the time. People want out of their marriage all the time. The responsible, and the respectable, thing to do is to first end the marriage and then start sleeping around. Not the other way around.

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