Bradley and Renee Do Spain Together

Well, if the rumor that Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Aniston were dating each other on the sly was true, and they really are trying to make a show of not being together, this one is sure tocinch it. Bradley was just seen in Spain with the other woman involved in this love triangle – Renee Zellwegger and apparently, they were trying to keep a low-pro too. They were both at JFK Airport and while they went through security separately, when they boarded the plane, they were clearly together. The story comes from Gossip Rocks,

“For the past few weeks, Bradley Cooper has been linked to Squinty, Denise Richards and Jennifer Aniston. Well, in the battle of the beards, it looks like Squinty has won out for now! The two pretended to be all slick-like when they got on a flight from JFK to Barcelona the other day. The paps say Squinty and Bradley went through security separately, but ended up getting on the same plane together.”

The article goes on to say that the author is pretty sure that Bradley Cooper is gay but I don’t think that’s true. Is he a man-whore? Undeniably. It’s clear that he likes women and that he likes to have many, many women falling all over his feet. But, this overseas trip makes me think that he and Renee might really be starting something serious. Maybe they just dropped off the radar for a bit to see if they fit together without the worry of the paparazzi getting in the way. Or maybe Brad just wanted to try on a few more girls before deciding that Renee was the one he wanted to be with. Or maybe, this trip means nothing to the man-whore and he’s just waiting until another pretty little thing comes his way.

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