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I think Tom Cruise is trying to do some damage control with his rep as one of Hollywood’s weirdest simply because he hasn’t really been in the news all that much lately. But his wife, Katie Holmes, on the other hand, seems to be the new focus for the gossip columns. Whether people are critiquing her various stage performances, or just following her and Suri around, lately people seem to be much more interested in Katie than in Tom. The latest on Katie isn’t that she’s doing Judy Garland tributes or performing in Broadway plays but that she’s a major shopaholic. Ooooohhh…big news! Isn’t everyone in Hollywood a major shopaholic? I think this story only comes because Katie’s filming a movie right now in Melbourne and because there’s nothing all that interesting to say about it, this is all we’ve got. And it’s not much because, her hubby who’s worth more than God, doesn’t seem to mind in the least. That’s right. Because he’s worth more than God. What does he care if Katie’s dropping thousands of dollars at Barney’s? From The National Enquirer,

“Katie Holmes revels in the joys of husband Tom Cruise’s fat bank account

And her family jokes that she’s become an out-and-out shopaholic.

The 30-year-old actress is in Melbourne, Australia, with Tom as she shoots her new movie Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark. Those on the set call her a “true professional.” But when the cameras stop rolling, Katie heads for the stores with 3-year-old daughter Suri in tow.

“She loves to shop,” a source told The ENQUIRER. “In Melbourne, she goes everywhere from the high-end shops on Chapel Street to the low-end stores like Target. That woman can give a credit card a workout!”

Since first hooking up with box-office king Cruise in 2005, Katie’s shop-until-you-drop forays have become the stuff of legend.

She reportedly blew through $200,000 at Barneys in Beverly Hills in a single calendar year, spent a jaw-dropping $14 million while living for six months in New York City last year, and earlier this spring spent some $43,000 for a makeover and spa treatments.

Tom, 47, appears undisturbed by his wife’s frenzied spending. The actor is said to be worth nearly $250 million.

A friend told The ENQUIRER: “His ex-wife Nicole Kidman was a spendthrift, but compared to Katie, she’s a coupon clipper.”

Tom is just happy that Katie is happy.

“It’s a situation where he does his thing, she does hers – and hers is shopping,” said the friend.

“She thinks nothing of heading off to Paris and buying designers’ latest creations. Price tags mean absolutely nothing to her.”

I am glad to hear that Tom doesn’t seem to be too put off by his wife’s spending habits and that he only wants her happy. That’s what any good husband should want for their wife, isn’t it? Especially when you can afford all those big spending sprees.

In other news from this famous family, Katie, Tom, and Suri were all seen hanging out together in Melbourne, Australia, where Katie is currently filming for a movie. I have to say, this is a super cute picture as Katie and Tom watch after their little diva-in-the-making. And as Suri grows older, it’s becoming more and more apparent that she looks just like her mom.

And, in even more Cruise news, Tom and Nicole Kidman’s son, Connor, will also be appearing in a film very soon. Connor Cruise is set to appear in Breaking Dawn, which is a remake of the 1984 film by the same name. I’m always so happy when I hear news of Tom’s other children. There’s so much focus on Suri and Sunday Rose, Nicole’s other daughter, that it’s nice to see that  nobody has forgotten about the other children in the family,  Isabella and Connor.

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