Sam Has Gotten Lindsay Into Counseling

The newest rumor regarding the drama that is Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson has been taken to a new level. Apparently, Sam has convinced Lilo to go to counseling so she can try and get her head screwed on right. This comes after Lindsay showed up at Sam’s door in hysterics, wondering why Sam wasn’t there for Lindsay at the exact second that she needed her. I was all for this story, and all for Lindsay going for help, until I read a little closer. According to this story from the Enquirer, Sam first went to Lindsay’s friends and family, in an attempt to perform an intervention. HA! Like Lindsay’s family cares about the disaster that is her life. Maybe her mom does but unless it gave Michael Lohan a chance to disgrace his daughter and her girlfriend all over the news,  I doubt there was very much interest on his part to help his daughter. But in the end, Sam seems to have won and Lindsay is going to counseling. From The National Enquirer,

“Samantha Ronson, terrified that her deeply depressed, drugged-out lover Lindsay Lohan has entered the final stages of a death spiral a la Anna Nicole Smith and Michael Jackson, phoned LiLo’s family and their closest friends, begged for intervention help to save her life – and finally convinced the fading young actress to enter a no-nonsense counseling program they’ll both attend. Things came to a head after Sam found Lindsay camped out on her doorstep at 5 a.m., and camera mics caught the hysterical star sobbing: “WHERE WERE YOU? Where were you?… I’ve been crying… Where were you?… Where were you?… Where were you? Where were you?” Wailed Sam to pals: “I’m afraid I’m going to come home and find her dead!” Stay tuned.”

I don’t blame Sam for being scared that Lindsay is soon going to get herself into the worst kind of trouble. What I don’t understand is why Sam is still with Lindsay?! Sam seems relatively normal, and I really don’t think she’s with the drama queen for the attention or the celebrity that goes along with dating someone famous. So, what’s making her stick around? Well, I guess this may be a case of when true love really is blind. Hopefully, Lindsay really does get the help that she needs and hopefully, it works. I’m not holding my breath though.

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