Oh No, Jon and Kate are Back

Jon and Kate Gosselin have once again disgraced our television sets by coming back from the hiatus of their show. After they announced on national television that they were getting divorced, TLC, the network that runs their show, decided to do the respectful thing and back off while the family figured some things out. Although the two may have no idea what they’re doing in their own life, it did seem as though they had worked a few things out on Monday’s show.

I was a bit surprised actually. I thought that the return of their show would bring tons of drama, and that the headlines in the blogs the next day would be filled with spoilers and such from the previous night’s episode. But none of that happened. Jon and Kate did their interviews separately, and sat on chairs for them, and Kate did normal things with her kids like setting up a tent. And the next day, there was hardly a peep about what had happened in the Gosselin household that had aired the night before. So maybe the drama has ended for now. Or maybe not.

Kate Major, the other Kate in Jon’s life, is doing a special for E! that starts tonight and will go until Friday. Why on earth anyone is giving this girl 3 whole nights to talk about her “relationship” with Jon Gosselin is beyond me but apparently, she’s thrilled to do it. Of course she is! This is pretty much the only thing she wants out of this relationship – fame and fortune! She’s thrilled, I’m sure! From Pop Crunch,

“Tabloid reporter Kate Major — popularly known as “Kate 2.0″ — is ready to spill the beans on her romance with soon-to-be divorced Jon & Kate Plus 8 star Jon Gosselin.
Major fell in love with the father of eight while covering him for a piece in Star Magazine, for which she was then a senior reporter. The blonde later resigned from her position with the tabloid citing a conflict of interest.

At the time, Kate revealed that she was “really, really impressed and I still am, with the person that he is.” She added, “I would be lying if I said there wasn’t instant chemistry.”

The 26-year-old will share her side of the story in an interview with E!’s Ken Baker this week.

“I’m ready to tell my side of the story,” she says in the tell-all, airing on E! News, Aug. 5 through Aug. 7. Kate will address allegations that she was a high-priced escort as well as her feelings on Jon’s other blonde, 22-year-old wildchild Hailey Glassman.

“It is a huge relief to finally talk, exclusively to E!,” she admits, “I haven’t been speaking a lot in the past few days because of how crazy everything has been and I’m ready to talk.”

A huge relief? To finally talk? Has she really been under that much pressure? And, she hasn’t been ‘seeing’ Jon for all that long so, what’s this ‘finally’ talk about? I put anything regarding their relationship in quotes because I’m not even totally convinced that the two are or ever were dating. I think Kate Major might be just like the first Kate in Jon’s life – greedy and only worried about how much money she can make off of Jon. I have to say though, for all the bad I’ve said about Kate Gosselin, she’s starting to look pretty good compared to these other floozies Jon’s hooking up with!

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