George Clooney’s New Leading Lady

George Clooney has forgotten all about Sarah What’s-her-face and has moved  on to another lady in his life. This one he didn’t find in an L.A. nightclub but he did have to go all the way to Italy to find her. But Sarah Larson, George’s ex and Elisabetta Canalis do have one thing in common – they were nobody till they found a somebody. And once again, Clooney seems to be pretty smitten. There was talk that the two might have something between them when the two started hanging out together while George was over there filming. But as time passes, we’re seeing more and more shots of them. This one was just one of several that were taken the day George and Elisabetta shared an adventurous and no doubt, very sexy, ride on George’s motorcycle. So, will it last? Or is this another in George Clooney’s long line of ‘leading’ ladies? We’ll see but from the sounds of it so far, it seems pretty serious. From Gossip Rocks,

“George Clooney may be notoriously fickle when it comes to romance, but it appears he his new love interest has kept him faithful – for now.
The Ocean’s Eleven star has been dating Italian TV presenter Elisabetta Canalis after they met a fortnight ago in Rome.
And things seem to be going so well that George has already introduced the sexy brunette to his friends.
The bachelor invited supermodel Cindy Crawford and her husband Rande Gerber to his stunning Lake Como villa where they are spending their time tearing through the Italian countryside on motorbikes.

Dressed in jeans and black jackets, the sleek foursome cut fine figures – remembering safety first though as they accessorised with helmets.
Clooney often spends time with Cindy and her husband as the threesome were spotted holidaying together earlier in the summer on a yacht cruising the Mediterranean.

This time though, George has company after he was introduced to Elisabetta by mutual friends in Rome last month.

They were first seen enjoying a romantic dinner date in the restaurant of the upmarket Hotel Majestic a week ago.

After taking their romance to northern Italy, the pair were spotted dining again in Milan on Sunday night – not far from Lake Como.
Elisabetta is the latest in a string of attractive women to be linked to George in recent years.
Earlier this summer, he was linked to Miami cocktail waitress Lucy Wolvert.
Elisabetta is a popular pin-up in her native Italy and became the host of MTV Italy’s Total Request Live show in May.
She also has an interest in becoming an actress and had two minor roles in Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo and Virgin Territory.
George will have plenty of opportunities to nurture his burgeoning relationship with Elisabetta – he will film his new movie A Private Gentleman in Italy over the next few months.”

Uh oh. It might be bad news for Clooney that this new one also seems to have an interest in the limelight. Isn’t Larson doing Victoria Secret ads now or something? And I’m pretty sure she saw Clooney as her way in from Day 1. Hopefully this one isn’t nearly as superficial as Sarah Larson, or nearly as tacky. I have to say, Elisabetta so far seems like a huge step up from Clooney’s last relationship. Plus, her name just sounds so pretty!

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