Chris Brown to Give Second Public Apology on Larry King Live

Chris Brown couldn’t get the spotlight off of him enough in the couple of months following his assault on Rihanna and now it seems, he can’t shut up about it! Last month Brown released a video in which he stated that he was terribly sorry for his violent acts and that he truly wished that hehad behaved differently. Shortly after that video was released, “sources” from Rihanna’s camp claimed that RiRi was livid over the video because she wanted the whole thing to be forgotten about. If that’s really the case, I wonder what she’ll think of this next move of Chris’ as he’s rumored to be scheduled to appear on Larry King Live sometime this week. If Rihanna was mad about a vague apology, wait until Chris has to answer some pretty tough questions! From  LA Times Blogs,

“Get ready for the media rehabilitation of Chris Brown.

We hear that this week Brown is planning to give his first national TV interview discussing the events of the night he assaulted Rihanna.

The singer will be sentenced on Wednesday, and sources tell that after that is over, he will probably appear on “Larry King Live.”

Brown’s plea deal, negotiated by his lawyer, Mark Geragos, will give him five years’ probation, 180 days of labor-oriented service, and one year of a domestic violence counseling class.

Can he do that DV class online, one wonders? Like traffic school?

“Larry King Live” is the first choice of Brown’s handlers, RadarOnline says, mainly because Brown’s team believes the singer will be able to get his apology across without facing brutal questioning.

Larry King will go easy on Chris? Yathink? About as easy as he went on Michael Jackson’s dermatologist Arnold Klein?

No official word from King’s camp yet about this appearance.”

This is clearly all part of Chris Brown’s ploy to get people thinking that he’s not such a bad guy after all and that maybe he’s truly sorry for his actions. And I really hope that people don’t get sucked in by it. Chris Brown does what’s best for him, whenever it’s best for him. He was advised to keep his mouth shut directly after the assault, when it was already highly-publicized and all over the media. Making these apologies at that time would not have forced Rihanna to relive it all over again six months later, if she’s really upset about it.

Whatever Chris Brown has to say to Larry King will not change my opinion of him, except that I may think he’s just a tiny bit more pathetic. I think any apologies that come from his mouth are insincere and have other agendas attached to them. And if Rihanna really is mad that he’s bringing this all out into the public again, I’m happy for her. When it comes to Chris, she can be mad about whatever she wants as far as I see it. And I’d much rather hear that she’s angry with him than she’s considering taking him back. It’s said that if Chris appears on Larry King, it will be before his hearing on August 5.So if it’s going to happen, expect it in the next day or so.

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#1 sarpong on 08.27.09 at 2:50 am

yeah Chris thats how a real man should Give the Second Public Apology and live peacfully with Rihanna u

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