Jen and Bradley are Pretty Tricky

Bradley Cooper takes Jennifer Aniston out and the media makes a big stink about it. He then, a few nights later, takes Renee Zellweger out and the media makes an even bigger stink about it. Then nothing. Okay, I just wanted to catch everyone up on what’s happening in this absurd love triangle. I would think that maybe Renee and Bradley are maybe quietly dating. Or maybe Bradley’s at home giggling to himself about how a nobody has made such a big stink in Hollywood. But, neither or those scenarios is true. In fact, if Bradley is with anybody, it’s with Jennifer and the two are keeping a very, very low-pro. Like, secret handshake kind of low-pro.

Apparently, Bradley and Jennifer have gone undercover as a couple and the two have gone to great lengths to make sure that the media doesn’t find out about it. So, were all the cutesy pictures with your hand on Gerard Butler’s chest and his arm around your waist all part of the plan, Jen? From National Enquirer,

“Now it can be told: Jen Aniston’s & Bradley Cooper’s media ‘fake-out” to get sexy away from the prying eyes of the world!

Jennifer Aniston’s romance with Bradley Cooper is back on – in fact, it was never off. And Jen couldn’t be happier that everyone believes he dumped her.

The ENQUIRER can exclusively reveal that the Friends beauty and Hangover hunk had a discreet rendezvous at a private Washington,D.C., club July 18 – exactly one month after their first public get-together at a New York restaurant.

“Jen loves that everyone thinks Bradley gave her the heave-ho and that she’s fooling around with Gerard Butler, her co-star in The Bounty,” an insider told The ENQUIRER.

The ruse is allowing Jen and Bradley to get to know each other better out of the public spotlight.
“Jen is thrilled that no one knows about her and Bradley,” the insider revealed — that is UNTIL NOW!

“She’s really sick of feeling like her love life is always under a microscope. Bradley is Jen’s little secret.”

Jen, 40, a break from filming in New York City and dashed to Washington, D.C., for a secret meeting with her new Brad, 34.

The two arrived at L2 Lounge, a posh private club, at 11:30 p.m.

“They sat off in a quiet corner, but Jen’s smile radiated throughout the whole club,” an eyewitness told The ENQUIRER.

“She sipped Grey Goose vodka and pineapple and kept her hand on Bradley’s leg most of the time.

“They weren’t shy about being affectionate. Bradley kept whispering in her ear and kissing her lips and neck. They slipped out arm-in-arm about 1 a.m.”

I don’t know if I believe this story. I mean, the whole thing just sounds so ridiculous and contrived. And it comes from the Enquirer, which sort of always leaves me guessing anyway. But you can’t really blame Jen for wanting her private life to be private for a little while. Her whole entire relationship with her first Brad was so blown up out of control. And then there was all the crap she put up with when dating Media Mayer. You can’t really blame her for going on a spy mission when it’s time to get ready for a date.

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