IsKate Still in Denial?

While her ex-husband, Jon Gosselin, has been out trying to get with just about anything he sees, Kate Gosselin has been sticking close to home with her kids and has been seeming to have some sort of struggle with the new divorce. While Kate rarely talks to paparazzi, this is certainly a case of actions speaking louder than words.

At some point during the whole Jon Gosselin/Hailey Glassman/Kate Major scandal, Kate had taken off her wedding ring, which she had said publicly before that it was something that she ‘just wasn’t ready for.’ It didn’t come as a surprise though that when Jon started behaving like a fool, she appeared to want the marriage behind her as much as he did, and she then took off her wedding ring. The day earlier this week that Kate stepped out with a bare ring finger, the pictures were everywhere and the general consensus was, ‘Yeah, I get that.’ But now, did all the pictures do something to change Kate’s mind? Does she really find it hard to rid herself of someone who’s turned himself into such a useless human being? I don’t know what the story is behind the reason why Kate is once again wearing her wedding ring but the time her finger went without it wasn’t very long at all. From US,

“It’s back.

A day after removing it, Kate Gosselin wore her wedding ring again Saturday while playing with her eight kids. At her family’s $1.1 million home in Wernersville, Pa., she and the kids made hearts with Play-Doh. They also went to a playground, where shepushed her girls on a swing. On Sunday, she sported a Nike T-shirt that reflected her defiant attitude. The T-shirt read, “Try 2 Keep Up.”

Ugh! I understand that it must be hard when you realize you’ve spent over 10 years of your life with someone, and now it’s time to part ways. And, when that person is the father of your 8 children, I can’t imagine how much tougher that realization is to come to. But, really. Look at the way the man is behaving! I sort of think that Kate might be playing up some sympathy votes and that she’s probably not the angelic mother sitting out on the lawn every day with her children either but at least she’s trying to keep a low-pro. At least she’s not humiliating herself and her family. Well, not until their show comes back from hiatus anyways.

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