Are Fergie and Josh Already Headed for Divorce?

I was kind of grossed out when Josh Duhamel and Fergie got married. And it was for no other reason than the fact that he’s so yummy and she’s so – ew. But reports are coming out now that these two might not be as happy as they seem and that they are even considering divorce.

I didn’t give this story too much credit when I first heard it a couple of days ago. But I’ve come across it a few times since then so, that always makes me wonder. And Fergie and Josh really do seem like they are just ridiculously in love with each other. I can’t see that fizzling out after 6 months of marriage and a long engagement. This particular source comes from the National Enquirer, so make of it what you will.

“Fergie and Josh Duhamel honeymoon is over!

Six months after their wedding, pals say the Hollywood hipsters are fighting to save their marriage because he wants children, and she won’t give up her rock star lifestyle!

The Grammy winning Black Eyed Peas songbird and Transformers hunk “are clashing night and day, and they’re desperately trying to get a handle on their problems,” a close friend told the ENQUIRER.

“Publicly they’re painting a picture of sheer bliss, but behind the scenes, cracks in their young marriage are beginning to show.”

Josh, 36, is now one of the hottest leading men in films. “But he’s a traditional guy, and he wants a family,” the friend said.

However, Fergie, 34, “doesn’t seem capable of slowing down long enough to really consider children,” the friend added.

“She’s the toast of the music world with Black Eyed Peas and has an incredibly hectic schedule touring, recording and performing.”

The controversial singer -born Stacy Ann Ferguson – “is doing a ton of publicity and even designing her own line of shoes,” the friend said. “There aren’t enough hours in the day for everything she wants to do. Plus, she’s a major partier.”

A recent incident at Hollywood’s trendy Cinespace brought the couple’s issues into the forefront, a source told The ENQUIRER.

“Fergie looked so drunk that night thatshe was basically throwing up as her security team escorted her out through the kitchen,” the source said.

“She’d been pounding back vodka and tequila. Josh was nowhere to be seen that night. You’d never think she was a newly married woman!

“Josh is still madly in love with her, and she loves him. But Josh wants Fergie to grow up.”

I also find it hard to believe that Josh Duhamel is so stupid that he thinks people change once they get married. They don’t, not as people anyway. And if Fergie’s a partier, she’s a partier. And that won’t be any different once that band is slipped around her finger. And I have a funny feeling that Josh knew that too and was okay with it. I also don’t understand why apparently, it’s not acceptable for married women to drink. You have some shots and all of a sudden, you’re not acting like a newly married woman? I don’t see the rationale there.

No, I don’tthink this story is true. I think it’s once again, people looking for something that isn’t there. Tomorrow we’ll be hearing about how Fergie’s pregnant (again) and how the couple are ‘just delighted’ about it. Please. I think unfortunately for them, they’re happy and in love and that’s boring for people to watch. So instead, they’ll just make stuff up about them.

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#1 Lisa on 07.02.11 at 1:53 pm

I think Josh is too attractive for Fergie personally I think they arent meant to be together and he cheated on her so she aint doin’ nothin for him you know what I mean. Let’s face it she isnt really a looker, he could do so much better than her!
Dump her Josh.
Lisa W.

#2 lalia on 10.21.11 at 4:40 pm

they are still ganna be together.this is just fake drama.its like famous people are still together then the drama people come and say o there ganna brake up.

#3 Jessica. on 12.21.11 at 7:34 am

Dude, I didn’t even know that they were married, wtf.

Anddd, he can do wayy better. But whatever makes them happy, right?

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