Jesus Luz is Madonna’s New Protege

Back off, Britney Spears, Madonna has a new protege in the making and it’s none other than her former lover, Jesus Luz. Reportedly, Madonna dumped the much-younger man just a short while ago but that doesn’t mean that she’s lost interest in making him a star. I guess the modeling career that she had laid […]

Hudson Goes Public with A-Rod

It’s no secret that Kate Hudson has been trying tokeep her relationship with Alex Rodriguez a secret ever since they started dating a few months ago. But, this headline still confuses me. Apparently over this past weekend, Kate Hudson went to support her man at the annual New York Yankees picnic and they had a […]

Jessica and Honor Out for a Bite

Over this past weekend, Jessica Alba and her daughter, Honor Marie, were seen out and about, stopping for a bite to eat at the Newsroom Cafe. I always think that Alba looks like she takes life a little too seriously and this picture is no different. Could she look any angrier as she’s out for […]