An Update on LeAnn and Dean

Twitter must be like a godsend to celebrities. It’s like a virtual post-it note where they can tell it like it is, and not let anyone put words in their mouth. Many celebrities use it, and idiots like John Mayer are infamous for overusing it and driving all of us to the point of insanity. Dean Sheremet, soon to be ex-husband of LeAnn Rimes, also has used Twitter to keep his fans informed of what’s going on in his 7-year marriage to the singer. When the story first broke that LeAnn had had an affair with Eddie Cibrian, Dean Twittered that he loved his wife, exclamation mark! Now though, after news that they have been separated for some time, Dean Twitters that he’s just grateful for the support during the difficult time. From US,

“The same day reported Dean Sheremet was separated from wife LeAnn Rimes, he wrote a message to fans on his Twitter page.

“Thanks to everyone for all the support through a very difficult time!” The former backup dancer, 28, posted earlier this afternoon.

His last Tweet was March 18: “I love my wife!!!”

Earlier, a source told Us the duo — who wed in 2002 when Rimes was just 19 — “have been separated for awhile.

“They are leading separate lives and not staying together most of the time, but still in each other’s lives as best friends,” the source said. “They are still not divorcing yet, but are working through things and taking time apart — as they have been — while they figure things out.”

A rep for Rimes had no comment.

The current issue of Us Weekly reports Rimes is still having an affair with her Lifetime movie costar Eddie Cibrian. His wife, model Brandi Glanville, left him as a result.”

The Twittering doesn’t  bother me. What bothers me is that Dean and LeAnn went to great lengths to make sure they were seen as the happy couple after everyone found out that she was sneaking around behind Dean’s back. But they’ve been separated for awhile. So, why the sham? And while LeAnn’s reps might have not had any comments, LeAnn did herself during a performance in Utah. I have to say, I don’t really understand what she’s trying to say about relationships here. It seems as though she wants to cover every possible break-up situation possible in five sentences or less. From People,

“LeAnn Rimes made her first public appearance on Saturday since PEOPLE broke the news that she and husband Dean Sheremet have separated after seven years of marriage.

Performing at the Deer Valley Music Festival in Utah, Rimes spoke to concert goers about the difficulties of being in a relationship.

“You know, I think that you will all really be able to relate to this next song in your lives. You probably know it’s inevitable that in a relationship, sometimes you will have yourheart broken at some point,” she said. “Sometimes, you might say that you can’t do anything and sometimes, you want revenge. Sometimes, you say, ‘You’re not worth it.’ But sometimes, you don’t, and that’s when you leave it in God’s hands and know that he will take care of it.”

After reports surfaced that the singer was allegedly having an affair with her Northern Lights costar Eddie Cibrian, a source close to Rimes and Sheremet tells PEOPLE that their relationship may have simply run its course.

“They were so young when they got married, she was 19, he was 21,” the source says. “Maybe they just grew up and they weren’t in the same place anymore. I don’t think that’s unusual considering how young they were when they got married, and the business they’re in.”

Adds a friend of the couple: “They were so close, I believe that however the marriage works out, they will always be the best of friends.”

I do think that the fact that they got married soyoung probably had something to do with LeAnn having an affair. But I think ultimately, it was that affair that ended that marriage. And I realize that they aren’t divorced yet but, I don’t think there’s much hope for this couple. I think they do want different things now and the biggest problem with that, is that what LeAnn wants is Eddie.

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