Gasp! Chris and Rihanna Stay at the Same Hotel!

The media has seemed to have really had a bad case of making something out of nothing lately. The latest is that over this past weekend, Chris Brown and Rihanna reportedly stayed at the same hotel. Oh, the horror! Now, this would be a story if they had met up, and maybe if a secret […]

Candy Spelling Rages at her Daughter Through TMZ

Candy Spelling makes me nauseous. Tori Spelling also used to turn my stomach some but, with the recent plays her mother has made in the media, I tend to feel bad for Tori and find myself rooting for her a tiny bit. In the past Candy has gone and talked to themedia about how the […]

An Update on LeAnn and Dean

Twitter must be like a godsend to celebrities. It’s like a virtual post-it note where they can tell it like it is, and not let anyone put words in their mouth. Many celebrities use it, and idiots like John Mayer are infamous for overusing it and driving all of us to the point of insanity. […]