David Beckham Overreacts in Wife’s Defense

David Beckham is serious about two things: soccer, and his family. He’s managed to keep things in balance this past week. Early in the week, while his wife Victoria was away playing on swings during a photo shoot, David took his boys shopping in Hollywood. A few days later he played a game for the […]

Omer Bhatti is Not Michael Jackson’s Son

When there were rumors spreading that Omer Bhatti, one of Michael Jackson’s close and younger friends, was really the secret son of the King of Pop, Michael’s family claimed that the rumors were untrue. Friends and family both said that Michael wanted to be the boy’s father and called himself so sometimes but, that it […]

Why are We Talking About This Now?

When Usher divorced his wife, Tameka Foster Raymond, a month and a half ago, I was a bit shocked but the split did not come as a total surprise to me. It did surprise me that Usher would leave his wife so soon after she faced a fatal situation earlier this year. And it also […]