LeAnn and her Hubby Separate

Well this is perhaps the least shocking news of the day. Back in March, LeAnn Rimes was caught red-handed having an affair with her costar of a television movie, Eddie Cibrian. An attempt was made to shrug the whole thing off in the eyes of the media as LeAnn and her husband, Dean Sheremet appeared in public hand-in-hand and tried to play the part of the happy couple. Everyone knew that it was all smoke and mirrors at the time and that this was not a relationship that was going to remain in paradise, or in tact for that matter. I suppose their brief charade satisfied the appetites of the gossips (myself included) for a time being until earlier this week when Eddie’s wife threw him out because of the affair. Then I think, we all knew it was just a matter of time before LeAnn would be reunited with her lover. And, just a few short days later, and that time has come! From People,

“Four months after reports surfaced that LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian were allegedly having an affair, a source tells PEOPLE that the country singer is no longer living with her husband, Dean Sheremet.

“Le and Dean have been separated for quite some time now, but they’re continuing to try and work through their relationship, a Rimes pal says.

The couple married in 2002, when she was only 19. Last August (six months before their seventh anniversary), they threw a “Seven-Year Itch” party to, as Rimes put it, “remember how blessed we are.”

News oftheir separation comes days after Cibrian’s wife, Brandi Glanville, said she and the actor were splitting.

“Eddie is a devoted and loving father first and foremost and the speed bump he and Brandi are experiencing needs to be worked out privately for everyone’s benefit,” his manager said in a statement.

Cibrian, 36, who is joining the cast of C.S.I. Miami this fall, has denied he was having an affair with Rimes, his costar in the Lifetime original movie Northern Lights, which they filmed last fall.

In March, the Rimes pal confirmed the singer and Sheremet were having problems in their marriage, but maintained Cibrian was “not the cause,” adding, “There have been issues brewing for months prior to meeting Eddie on set.”

The couple’s Nashville home is currently on the market for $7.45 million.”

Yes, I agree that LeAnn and Dean were most likely having problems before she met Eddie. You don’t usually go looking for an affair unless there’s trouble brewing at home. But, I think that the affair was probably the final straw. Sometimes, you just can’t get over some things and when someone takes that step into extra-marital affairs, it’s very, very hard to come back. And just as a side note, I don’t think it’s a good idea to throw a “7-year Itch” anniversary party. There’s just something about it that screams “KARMA!” and “BAD LUCK!” to me. Maybe a “Lucky 7” party would have been a better idea.

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