John Travolta May Leave Scientology over the Death of his Son

John Travolta has been a rare sight ever since the tragic death of his son earlier this year. He issued a brief statement right after Jett died and has made only one public appearance. I don’t think anyone can blame him. Here’s someone who can’t go out of his house without worrying about flashbulbs and microphones on a good day, let alone when the whole world wants to hear his most personal, and saddestthoughts. But apparently, that’s not the case.

Some nosy neighbors of the Travolta’s have been seeing John ride around his runway on an electric golf cart late at night. And – gasp! – the actor has gotten fat! Oh please. This is the most disgusting piece of “gossip” I’ve ever heard. The man just lost his son and we’re really going to criticize his weight gain?! Come on! I’m glad that the article turned into how John was going to give up Scientology because of how they treated him and Jett when he was still alive. Otherwise, I may have had to write an angry letter to the Daily Mail about how they shouldn’t talk badly about people when they’re dealing with unimaginable grief. But, the article did make the turnaround and I have to say, I will applaud John Travolta even more whole-heartedly if this is true and he decides to leave the cult-like religion. From the Daily Mail,

“Dead of night, and on a deserted Florida landing strip, the silence of the oppressively hot early hours is broken by the low whirring of an electric golf cart, driving lazy circuits.

At the wheel is a bulky, lone figure, hunched forward over the controls as he tries to kill time during another long, sleepless night.

It is a sight that has become something of a regular occurrence in recent weeks, as Hollywood star John Travolta acts out his bizarre nocturnal ritual on the private runway that services his Jumbolair estate.

‘We often see John driving himself around at night,’ one of Travolta’s neighbours told me this week.

‘It’s sad to see. You rarely catch sight of him during the day. We used to see him driving around on a buggy with his son. Now it’s just John by himself. He’s always been a night owl, but now even more so.’

But then Travolta has much on his mind. Six months after the tragic death of his only son, Jett, during a family New Year holiday tothe Bahamas, he is said by his closest friends to remain in a state of almost constant distress.

Work has been cancelled, the shutters pulled down, and until a rare appearance in public this week, the actor had been living the life of a virtual recluse.

His friend and fellow actor Denzel Washington, who appears with Travolta in the upcoming thriller The Taking Of Pelham 123 – which was shot before the tragedy – gave an indication of the depth of his co-star’s despair: ‘One minute he’s OK, the next he’s in tears. He’s such a sweet, sweet person.’

Certainly, those around the Pulp Fiction star are privately concerned about his state of mind.

And Travolta cut a miserable figure when he was spotted for the first time in months on a flying visit to Miami this week.

The 55-year-old actor, who was sporting an eccentric handlebar moustache and a shapeless, baggy shirt, looked bloated and puffy. He hid under a black baseball cap as he ate an unhealthy lunch of cheeseburger and chips alone outside a fast-food joint.

Few would blame the formerly lithe Saturday Night Fever and Grease star for over-indulging his long-time love of junk food as he struggles to come to terms with the death of his 16-year- old son, who died after suffering a seizure at his father’s holiday villa.

But if rumours buzzing around Hollywood this week are to be believed, it’s not just the death of his beloved son that has been torturing Travolta of late.
His distress, say sources close to him, has been compounded by the first cracks in his 34-year relationship with the Church of Scientology, the cult-like religion of which Travolta is a prominent and generous benefactor.

And there are dark mutterings that if he carries out private threats to leave, the organisation will go public with embarrassing details of his private life, including, it is claimed, allegations of past homosexual relationships.

Sources in the U.S. disclosed to me this week that his son’s sudden death has ‘deeply shaken’ Travolta’s faith in the strange sect, which makes wildclaims about its ability to cure a variety of physical and mental
The star – who, thanks to his dedication and open cheque book, has risen to the top of the secretive organisation – is said to be angry that the religion was unable to help Jett, who was widely reported to have suffered from autism.

‘There have been strong rumours coming out of Scientology that John Travolta is disappointed that the religion was not able to help his son more,’ Rick Ross, an American author and lecturer on Scientology, told me this week. ‘It’s led him to question his faith.’

Travolta is also said to be upset that senior members of the sect have instructed him to undergo intensive sessions with one of Scientology’s ‘ethics officers’, trained to question the actor and other grieving family members to establish whether their ‘negative influences’ might have contributed to the tragedy.

But there is much more to this than just a questioning of a once rock-solid faith. ‘I think it would be very difficult for John Travolta at this stage, given his history with the religion, to extricate himself from the Church of Scientology,’ said Mr Ross, who has investigated the sect for almost 30 years.

‘It would be a huge move on his part because Scientology keeps files on its celebrity members containing embarrassing personal information about them.

‘And Scientology has proven in the past that it has a penchant for releasing that information to embarrass people who have left and who have said things it doesn’t like.

‘If celebrities leave, they tend to do it quietly and keep their mouths shut, because if they do speak out, they are opening themselves up to attack from Scientology.

‘That’s why I think Travolta will want to keep his problems with the Church private.’

Travolta’s friends have been speculating among themselves for months that he now deeply regrets adhering so strictly to the cult’s outlandish instructions over his son’s medical treatment.”

There’s so much to say about this story. Firstly, I hope that John Travolta and Will Smith, and Tom Cruise, and all the other celebs that have joined the freaky cult leave it, although Cruise is unlikely too since I’m pretty sure he’s their Holiest Leader now. But, do red flags not go up when the religion is collecting private and embarrassing information about you? And why, if there were questions over his son’s treatment, did John not voice his concerns and leave the cult at that time?

Hopefully, this story isn’t true. I can’t see John Travolta not doing what’s best for his family, despite whatever his religion tells him. I can however see him riding around on a golf cart throughout all hours of the night. It’s probably just a way to remember the good times he had with his son and feel closer to him. And I don’t think there’s any reason for people to make fat jokes while he does it.

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#1 ernie m on 07.25.09 at 7:41 am

The old expression ” the proof is in the pudding” should apply to scientololy as well as all other cults and religions, but it seems we (i’m included in this) don’t want to hear/see the truth until it’s almost to late -hopefully not till it too late-! What is it with truth that we believe we know what it is when in fact if we are honest with ourselves we cant prove anything about God/god we just believe or not and the unkowns but stated “things” of scientology are no different, the thing is with cults like this one (and many religions ) is that they kill -this one thing we do know_. Good luck John and family my heart is with you and others like you. E

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