Gwyneth Paltrow Likes to Remind Jen Garner She’s Still There

I’m really not a fan of Gwyneth Paltrow’s. She never does any movies that interest me in the least but mostly, she’s Madonna’s BFF, which means that she has a level of respect for that woman that I just can’t understand. Also, Gwyneth always seems to me to be the type of person that needs to be the picture of perfection wherever she goes. She can never have a hair out of place, and god forbid if her face doesn’t have that perfect, angelic glow that we all think of when we think of Gwyneth Paltrow. But, aside from my petty and shallow reasons to dislike the actress, there may be a new one that is somewhat legit.

According to Gossip Rocks, Gwyneth has been sending personal notes to her ex-flame, and now married man, Ben Affleck. The notes actually do sound harmless enough and Ben’s wife, Jennifer Garner, doesn’t seem to be acting like crazy wife person just yet but, it is clear that she’s not a fan of Ben still being contacted by some of his ex’s. From Gossip Rocks,

“Gwyneth Paltrow is that kind of person who likes to stay friendly with her exes. Especially her ex Ben Affleck.
Friends tell FOX411 the star is big on sending personal notes and gifts for births and other major celebrations, and Ben and his wife Jennifer Garner have been on the lucky receiving end of such gifts.
“Ben and Jen got one of Gwyneth’s famous notes this year just after Seraphina was born,” says the insider. “It was very nice, but it was a little too personal. Gwyneth made sure to mention how she was happy that Ben was finally creating the family he had always wanted, a family, which the two of them discussed in depth when they were dating. It just rubs Jen the wrong way.”
But that’s just the beginning of Paltrow’s too-close-for-comfort behavior. Gwyneth has enrolled her children, Apple and Moses, in the same Beverly Hills school that Violet Affleck attends, according to our source.
“Luckily, Gwyneth and Chris are barely in California three months out of the year, so Jen should not have to run into her too often at school,” says the insider. “The other moms already have a problem with the paparazzi following the Garner-Afflecks, and Gwyneth Paltrow will only make the situation worse.”
So far Garner, and Paltrow’s husband, Coldplay singer Chris Martin, are playing it cool with the Ben/Gwyneth thing. Martin is so laid back, says our source, he actually promotes Gwyneth to stay in touch with Ben. AndJen is taking his cue.
“Jen will always allow Ben to have contact and friendship with Gwyneth,” the pal says. “But she doesn’t always like it.”

There’s just no need to discuss the family you’ve always wanted with an ex. No reason for it whatsoever. Especially when he’s just had his second child with his wife. A wife who, by the way, he seems to be perfectly happy with. I’m not sure if this story is true or just made up high school crap but, I definitely can see Gwyneth doing some like this. She does seem like she’s got that sneaky side to her that’ll hit you when you least expect it. And, I can’t see Jennifer Garner putting her foot down and forbidding her husband to speak to certain people. I think that people who love people just don’t do that. But, I do feel for her and I wouldn’t mind seeing Jen take Gwyneth down just a few pegs and showing her that her GOOP isn’t all that!

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