Jon Moves On to Another Kate

Jon Gosselin has become known as a ladies man and a total player in a relatively short amount of time. Just after the news broke that he started dating Ganga Glassman, and that he was reportedly “engaged” to her, it seems he’s dumped her and moved on to another woman. And her name, coincidentally, is Kate. She doesn’t have any connections to Jon’s former ex-wife, Kate, as his ex-girlfriend did, but she does have some connections of her own, being a reporter for Star. And so of course, they were the first to report on it.

So, is this for real? I have to admit, reading the piece it all did sound just a bit too cheesy to be truthful. But then, there’s always the fact that she did name herself so, outing her as a liar would be pretty easy on Jon’s part. And, after reading the story first in Star and then in other blogs and news, it is fact that Kate Major, Star reporter, and Jon Gosselin did spend the weekend in the Hamptons together. And where did they stay? With another trashy tabloidee, Michael Lohan, infamous father of spoiled Hollywood child, Lindsay Lohan. From Star,

“It’s a stunning turn of events that even Star couldn’t see coming, father-of-eight Jon Gosselin and one of our reporters have fallen for each other.

Kate Major confirmed tonight that she and the Jon & Kate Plus 8 dad are an item, five days after they were first photographed together.

“I didn’t mean it to happen, it just did,” Kate, 26, says. “I went to do a story on Jon and ended up falling for him.”

The surprise news means that Jon, 32, and his girlfriend Hailey Glassman, daughter of his wife’s plastic surgeon, are over.

Tonight Jon and his new Kate went for dinner in East Hampton with Lindsay Lohan’s father Michael — a long-time friend of Kate’s.”

How awkward would that be? Knowing that your friends and coworkers were reporting on your love life? But Kate Major doesn’t seem to be one that would shy away from cameras and she did come forward with the information herself. It’s most likely another case of Jon finding himself another woman who’s interested in the limelight and attention. Jon seems to be turning that way himself too so, it’s not all that surprising.

I also have a gut feeling that this is not the last time that we will have heard of Jon dumping one lady for another. And I think it’s not only sad that he’s more famous now than he was when he had a television series and a happy family, but that he’s letting this garbage go on when his kids are going to see it one day. Hanging out with women who can’t even keep their pants on and talking about how you want to relive your high school days when your a 30-something year old man is disgusting and embarrassing behavior. And it once again proves that Jon Gosselin is concerned mostly about himself.

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