Did Michael Jackson Have a Secret Son?

I’m so angry at myself for being sucked in by this headline and reading any further that first, I must apologize for doing the same thing to you. I think we all knew that after Michael Jackson died, there were going to be all kinds of people, and details, coming out about his life all so that someone, somewhere could make a buck off it. It’s what Michael’s life was about. And I think the thing with Michael Jackson is that it’s hard to separate fact from fiction because it’s Michael Jackson and really, would anything he do surprise anybody?

But, the latest story that I wholeheartedly disbelieve, is the possibility  that Michael might have a “secret son.” The Daily Mail seems to think that there’s strong evidence to point towards the fact that Michael had a 25-year-old secret son. This also seems to be solely based on the fact that Michael was a very good friend to this young man throughout most of his life, and that this man attended Michael’s memorial service and sat with the family. The boy’s name is Omer Bhatti and if you’re still not convinced that this is probably not Michael Jackson’s son, please also take into consideration the fact that Omer’s father – his father – Ritz, is alsoquoted in the article. Hmm…From the Daily Mail,

“A Norwegian rapper suspected of being the secret son of Michael Jackson sat with the Jackson family at the singer’s memorial concert.

Omer Bhatti, 25, was seated in between Michael’s son Prince and eldest sister Rebbie, 59, in the front row at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on July 7.
Wearing dark sunglasses and a black suit, Omer looked just like a member of the family as he bowed his head while listening to tributes to the King of Pop.

His appearance at the memorial and his physical similarities to Michael’s youngest son Prince Michael II, aka Blanket, has fuelled speculation that he is the son of the legendary star.
Omer has remained in LA since Michael’s death and is believed to have asked for a DNA test to prove once and for all if he is the singer’s love child.
If he is, Omer would be the oldest of Michael’s four children, joining ‘siblings’ Prince Michael, 12, Paris Michael, 11, and Blanket, seven.

TheThriller singer reportedly told close friends several years ago that he fathered Omer after a one-night stand with a Norwegian fan in 1984.

After hearing of the singer’s death of a cardiac arrest on June 25, Omer’s mother, Pia, said: ‘He was the King of Pop. But for us he was so much more.
Omer’s Pakistani father Riz confirmed his son was at the memorial, but declined to give further details.
He told The Sun: ‘Yeah, yeah, I know because I was watching. I told my wife, “Just wait until the Press see this. It’s not a small thing.”‘
When asked if Michael was the biological father of Omer, Riz replied: ‘Make what you like. I don’t want to discuss anything.'”

I don’t understand why Omer’s father seems to be confirming the fact that Omer is not his son. But the rest of the article, which you can read , goes on to quote Michael’s friends who say that Michael did sometimes refer to Omer as his son but that it was all a fantasy Michael had. Admittedly, that’s something that very well could have happened. The article also talks about how Omer and Michael met in 1996, when Omer would have been about 12. So, if Omer really was Michael’s child, and they both knew it, wouldn’t they have met long before the boy was 12?

I just don’t think there’s really enough to stand on here to even consider this story as being true. And I doubt that anything will ever come of it. I also find it very suspicious that Omer is sticking around LA after his “father’s” death. Yet he didn’t live there while his dad was alive. The whole thing seems very suspicious to me.

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-elizabeth shaw co.

#2 kateb on 07.27.09 at 12:56 am

Hi Elizabeth, Thanks so much for stopping by and checking us out! I’m so glad that you love the site so much and hope to see you back!

#3 MJ did 1-nite stands? on 08.17.09 at 3:28 pm

I believe Omer is his son. He looks just like the young MJ. However, I’m a little disappointed in Michael. I didn’t think he DID one-night stands. Is that something that he did? Have one-night stands with fans?

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