Britney May Soon be Her Own Woman!

Well, hallelujah! Britney Spears may have an extra bounce in her booty as her dad, Jamie Spears has deemed that she might be all better and ready to take care of herself again! Gives a whole new meaning to her hit cover of My Perogative! I’m thrilled about this news and it could be as soon as before Christmas that Britney will take the reins of her own life back in her hands! What makes me even happier about it is that it’s a decision that seems to have been made by Jamie. It sort of renews my respect in him a little bit. The current order needs to stay in effect until the end of her tour but after that, it may just be a matter of one small court appearance! From the Daily Blabber,

“Britney’s better!

So much better, that she may be getting out from under her dad’s thumb.

According to, Jamie Spears will ask the court to review the terms of the conservatorship after his girl’s tour ends in November. The judge will look over it over, check out how Britney’s been doing, and decide whether or not the mom should regain control of her life.

Jamie’s been the boss since February of 2008, but apparently thinks Brit has gotten her stuff together and is back on solid ground. TMZ seems to think that if she weren’t still on tour, the judge might have already given Britney her freedom back. Too bad that the vendors for the concert were promised under their contracts that the conservatorship would stay in tact throughout the tour.”

So, I guess if this goes through as it sounds like it will, the next question will be custody. Will Brit try to get her boys back? Or will she try to stand on her own two feet without any help before making that major step? It’s hard to say and the judge may make a ruling on that as well. There’s going to be a lot that’s up in the air, I’d say and we definitely won’t know more until this tour’s done with. But, things are definitely moving in the right direction!

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#1 men costumes on 07.22.09 at 5:08 pm

Well, it is Britney so everything with her will be surprised and full with drama. No such thing as smooth sailing for sure.

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