Well, Well, Well…Look Who’s Talking Now!

We all know the story about how, back in February, Chris Brown beat his then-girlfriend, Rihanna, to a bloody pulp. And we’ve all even seen the pictures to prove it. Rihanna hasn’t said too much publicly about the incident. She seems pretty happy to make her usual appearances without having to go into details about that night, and more power to her for that. But, I think the world was waiting for a statement from Chris Brown that never actually happened. Chris Brown had made a few vague statements after the incident, most of those referring to how he was going to emerge ‘a better person’ because of it. But there was never any mention of Rihanna, or what he actually did. Oh, and there was also never mention of the words “I’m sorry.”

Now, 6 months after the assault, and now that Brown’s legal proceedings are all done, he has come out and spoken out about the incident. The apology comes as a home video of Chris’ and I found the link on Bump Shack first, although it’s just about everywhere now. I have been a huge supporter of the “Let him fry!” mentality ever since Chris did those horrible actions but, there’s something about this that makes me think he might be sincere. He might be. I’m still not willing to forgive Chris for what hedid. And I think it will be a long time, if ever, that I can think about him without thinking about his horrible actions. But, I am glad that he finally has come out with this apology. It makes him appear somewhat more human.

It’s better than nothing, and certainly better late than never. Watch it on YouTube and see what you think.

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