Michael’s Burial Plans

I knew the coverage on Michael Jackson’s death was going to get bad. But, I don’t think I realized that his death would not only shed some light on what a freak the man was, but also what freaks his family are. I’m sorry, but I don’t really understand how everyone can just conveniently forget about the horrible things that Michael “allegedly” did. And I don’t buy the allegedly part. I think once you’ve paid off a little kid so they don’t talk in court, the “allegedly” goes out the window.

But, what bothers me so, so much about this now (because all of that happened quite some time ago,) is the fact that everyone seems to think that the man was some sort of saint. I get that he was the most talented singer, dancer, and entertainer that the world had ever seen. I might even agree with that. But – and it’s a big BUT – the man was a bad man. Not only was he a bad man but now, his brother, Jermaine Jackson, wants him to be buried in Neverland. At first, this just seemed weird to me. And somehow, appropriate. You know, Jackson was so freaky with Neverland, might as well bury him there. And I do suppose that Michael would be ‘at peace’ there. But it’s Jermaine’s reasons for wanting his brother laid at rest at Neverland that really, really bother me. Like, really, really, a lot bother me. From Contact Music,

“Jermaine Jackson wants his brother Michael to be buried at his former Neverland ranch as he doesn’t want him laid to rest with ”bad people” at a public cemetery.

Jermaine Jackson doesn’t want his brother Michael to be buried with “bad people”.

The former Jackson 5 bassist – who is still devastated by the death of his pop legend sibling, who passed away of a suspected cardiac arrest last month – wants the singer to be laid to rest at his former Neverland ranch and not in a public cemetery.

He told Britain’s The Sun newspaper: “I think it’s a great possibility Neverland will be his final resting place. We have to think about security – we can control that there. In a public cemetery we couldn’t.

“The options are Neverland or the main cemetery in Los Angeles. I’m totally against the idea of a public cemetery. I just don’t like it.

“He’s done so much to make the world special – and he needs to be somewhere special. He should be somewhere where it’s safe and where he isn’t sharing the ground with other people who are not good human beings. At those places they bury people who have done bad things in their life.

“Why should he be in the company of these bad people? He should be by himself. His world is Neverland.”

Seriously?!? I kind of want to find Jermaine Jackson and slap him! I have many people that I love that are buried in “those types of places.” You know, the ones where they put all the bad people? And I can tell you, those people were a hell of a lot better people than Michael Jackson was. Oh, hell no! This makes me enraged, I really must tell you. I really was trying to be respectful of Michael Jackson. Something along the lines of not speaking ill of the dead. But this stupid comment by his brother just makes me see that apparently, the entire Jackson family is okay with saying stupid and doing stupid things so, everything must be fair game.

Michael Jackson may have been a very talented man. But he was also a very bad man. One who probably molested small children. And if there’s any place in the world that the “people who have done bad things in their lives” should go, Michael should be one of the first ones there, in my opinion. This statement wouldn’t have made me nearly as mad if Jermaine would have just said his peace about Neverland and that he thought Michael should be buried there. He didn’t have to speak badly of the millions of people that are buried in public cemeteries all over the world.

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