Tony Romo Should Keep his Mouth Shut

When it comes to the whole Jessica Simpson/Tony Romo split, I was sort of rooting for Tony Romo. I don’t watch football and don’t really pay too much attention to athletes other than NHL players so I really never knew too much about him except that he was some sort of big-time star. And that […]

Well, Well, Well…Look Who’s Talking Now!

We all know the story about how, back in February, Chris Brown beat his then-girlfriend, Rihanna, to a bloody pulp. And we’ve all even seen the pictures to prove it. Rihanna hasn’t said too much publicly about the incident. She seems pretty happy to make her usual appearances without having to go into details about […]

Michael’s Burial Plans

I knew the coverage on Michael Jackson’s death was going to get bad. But, I don’t think I realized that his death would not only shed some light on what a freak the man was, but also what freaks his family are. I’m sorry, but I don’t really understand how everyone can just conveniently forget […]