The Reason Behind all the Chemistry

Robert Pattinson has admitted in the past that he became an actor because he thought it was going to help him get girls. (I don’t think he really knew what he was in for, though.) But now it seems that that same desire is the reason thathe took the Twilight role. Pattinson, like many of us, had never heard of the books before the movie. I don’t think anyone really did unless they were a 13-year-old girl. But when he first heard of the movie, what piqued his interest was a little more than the story line – it was Kristen Stewart, who had already been cast to play the part of Bella Swan. Now that Robert’s first dream of becoming an actor and getting the girls has come true, will this one too? Or has it already? Either way, it’s a cute interview. From Pop Crunch,

“Robert Pattinson has admitted that the only reason he auditioned for Twilight in the first place was because he had a crush on the film’s female lead, actress Kristen Stewart.

The vampire heartthrob — who is constantly battling rumors that he is dating/knocking up his on-screen co-star — says he barely knew what the Twilight book series was at thetime, and he only went along to the audition so he could get up close with the real-life Kristen.

“I read the script of Twilight and I barely knew that they were books too, so I had no idea what I was letting myself in for,” Robert says. “The only reason I went to the audition was to see Kristen because I had just seen Into the Wild. Of course I had a little crush on her.”

I don’t think anyone will ever really know if these two are dating in real life or not. They certainly do like to play games and keep us guessing at it. But, as far as Robert’s concerned, at least he still gets to have those hot on-screen moments with his actress crush, if nothing else.

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#1 RomanticFool on 08.28.09 at 5:45 am

I think it comes down to timing. Lucky for him, she was dating Michael and she needed to stay on Hardwicke’s good side since she got the part in large part to Michael being friends with her. Robert had no idea who she was or knew any of her friends. He said in one of the first interviews that he was shocked by her, she had an anger and fierceness and intimidated him. For the first 2 weeks he only talked about the movie and was not himself.

It’s been complicated for them. First he was intimidated and turned off by her toughness. Then he was attracted to her from all the sexy scenes (deleted),then he got into the role big time and behaved like a besotted fool. Then she started falling for him around the time that the movie ended and we getting over her. He said it took him 2 months to get out of the habit of calling her his fiancee. His family came over, met her and grilled Kristen about why she liked him (he slipped up in an interview). They were not impressed with her.

Then she went after him again in Japan, came back and dumped Michael knowing that her big chance would come in Italy to hook him. She started wearing his t shirts around then too. There is no reason for them to behave like friends ONLY even if they are not lovers, usually it is obvious.

I have only seen her look at him with adoration as of late. He is not sure about her and the only person to blame is Kristen and her parents who raised her. Rob’s appearance, actions and comments indicate that he is more traditional and conservative than she is. That is the nub of their issues. It may cost her big in the love of her life.

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