Miley is Crushing on Mayer

This doesn’t surprise me at all. Miley Cyrus is a single again and now has her sights set on THE biggest player in all of Hollywood – John Mayer. Not only does it make sense to me that Miley would try and chase down a 31-year-old man, but it also doesn’t surprise me that the man in question would be someone who’s known as a skirt chaser. After all, how is Miley going to become even more experienced beyond her years if she doesn’t hook up with someone who’s already slept with lots of women? Is there anything in this story that does surprise me? Yes, actually. I’m quite surprised that her reunion with Nick Jonas ended before we saw a couple of pictures of them in bed together. From National Enquirer via Celebitchy,

“Teen star Miley Cyrus is fed up with boys her own age – and now has her sights set on much-older John Mayer!

[Miley] ended her recent romantic reunion with Nick Jonas – who is also 16 – because he’s just “too immature” say pals.

“She was in love with Nick, but it was really just puppy love,” a close family friend said. “They broke up again. Now she’s ready for the real thing.”

For Miley, the real thing means a real man, says pals. And that’s where 31-year-old Grammy winner John Mayer fits in.

“For a 16-year-old, John has that ‘older man’ mystique that Miley finds so intriguing,” said the friend. “He’s handsome and talented, and Miley callshim a ‘total babe’.”

John visited Miley backstage when she appeared in Las Vegas last year and told her he had friends whose kids were huge fans.

“John has no idea of Miley’s enormous crush, but Hollywood is a small town. Miley has decided the next time their paths cross, she’s going to make her move,” according to the source.

[Miley] looks and acts much older than her actual age. “She’s growing up way too fast,” said her friend. “She’s decided to date nothing but older men.”

But Miley may be disappointed if she puts a move on John Mayer. “He thinks Miley’s cool, and he’ll be flattered,” said her friend. “But ton him, Miley’s still just a little girl.”

There’s another thing that surprises me. The fact that John Mayer would turn down any girl in Hollywood. Granted, I agree wholeheartedly with him that she is just a little girl and someone that he shouldn’t be messing with but, she’s still a girl, right? I would find that fact alone hard for Mayer to turn down. And why does the story start off talking about how Miley is sick of guys her own age? Does the National Enquirer not know anything about Miley? Do they not understand that she dated 20-year-old Justin Gaston just so that she could ‘improve’ her image? What would dating John Mayer say about her image? That she’s a girl that’s all about hooking up with as many guys as possible? If Miley’s head works the way I think it does, that’s exactly what she’s hoping to gain from it.

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