Janet and Jermaine: Splitsville!

Wow, this is yet another shocker of the summer! Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dupri have split. The two have been together for 7 years! And so now, they just split? And while Janet is still in mourning for her brother? Has the grief made her do crazy things? Or was Jermaine just not as supportive as he should have been? Hmm…I can’t really see that as being the case. Apparently, this has been coming for some time and to those who knew them best, it’s no surprise at all. From US,

“On July 7, Michael Jackson’s family ­gathered to celebrate him at his much-watched memorial service.

Noticeably absent?

Janet ­Jackson’s longtime music-exec boyfriend, Jermaine Dupri. (A pal says Dupri skipped the memorial because he “doesn’t attend funerals.”)

And for good reason. “His friends are telling people it’s over,” a source tells the new issue of Us Weekly, on stands now.

Echoes another: “They have been moving in different directions for a while.”

So what drove Jackson, 43, and Dupri, 36, apart after nearly seven years?

“You shouldn’t mix business with pleasure,” a mutual pal explains. (Dupri produced several tracks on her last two CDs.) “Janet felt their lives were too crossed and they should have kept things sepa­rate.”

Plus, the polar opposites were never too compatible.

“Jermaine likes to be out there, mingling with everybody, and ­Janet’s more shy.” (And secretive: She kept her nine-year marriage to Rene Elizondo hidden until their 2000 ­divorce.)

Meanwhile, Jackson is still deeply mourning the death of her big brother.

“She’s devastated,” an insider says. “She’s busy caring for Michael’s kids. Janet’s the family’s backbone.”

Now, there are just a few things that I find confusing about these quotes. And I do realize that Janet is in a very delicate place right now so, I’m going to try and be as sensitive as possible. Firstly, I don’t understand the reason for their break up. Really? They were never very compatible? Because I think that if you’re able to stay with someone for 7 years, you’re pretty damned compatible with them. And, you shouldn’t mix business with pleasure? Again, I feel as though I must go back to the 7-year thing.

We all know that you shouldn’t mix business with pleasurebut I think there comes a point when your relationship is probably strong enough to handle it. And after 7 years, I just think that it would be okay to work together. I think at that point you probably know what sets the other one off, how to communicate professionally with them, and et cetera. I would just think that after that length of time, your relationship should be strong enough to handle the pressure of working together.

And I seriously hope that Jermaine not showing up at Michael Jackson’s funeral was a call by Janet. Because I don’t care who you are or what you’re going through as a couple. If your significant other loses a family member, you’re there for them. End of story. Well, it’s the end of this one anyways.

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