Bump Watch: Ellen Pompeo

I suppose the Hollywood baby boom is over. I think the last 5 Bump Watch’s that I’ve done have been on Ellen Pompeo. There’s just no one getting preggers at the time being! But, alas, I suppose for now we can focus solely on Ellen. And while we’re doing that, I just have to ask a question. Why can the woman not find some nice maternity clothes to wear? All the other stars seem to find room in their multi-million dollar bank accounts to find nice designer maternity wear, what’s the problem with Ellen? And I’m not even saying it has to be designer. I’d actually prefer that it’s not. But that doesn’t mean that she has to keep showing up in these one-piece bodysuits that drape over her like a tight-fitting curtain. It’s just such bad taste for someone who has enough money to dress a little bit nicer.

Ellen is due in the fall so I guess we’ll be seeing her for a little while longer yet. Hopefully she has better clothes for when the weather turns a little cooler. Thanks to Celebrity Dirty Laundry for the pic!

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