Brad Pitt’s Weird Wired Interview

I love that Brad Pitt keeps giving me more and more reasons not to like him. The man has appeared on the cover of Wired and in the magazine he gives a very candid and gross interview. He talks about how you should lie, how you should take pictures of the butts of other men’s wives and how talking on the phone while in the bathroom is a no-no – but his reasons for that are all wrong. Combine all of this with the fact that the picture of him on the cover looks like he’s trying really, really hard to poop and I am laughing with glee that once again, the man has proven to me that he’s a complete putz. From Celebrity Dirty Laundry,

“Brad Pitt offers some tongue-and-cheek cell phone and online etiquette tips when it comes to twitter, online dating and text messaging. This is what he said via ET.

Wired magazine asked Pitt what he thought of tweeting a picture of his wife’s butt like Ashton Kutcher did of Demi Moore. He responds “Don’t take a picture of your wife’s butt. That’s silly. Take pictures of other people’s wives’ butts.”

As for online dating, the ‘Inglourious Basterds’ actor thinks that lying about how much money you make on your profile is accepted and encouraged. “Everyone lies online. In fact, readers expect you to lie. If you don’t, they’ll think you make less than you actually do. So the only way to tell the truth is to lie.”

Wired also asked Pitt in their “Ask a Basterd” article: Can I talk on the phone while taking a whiz? He answers, “No, you can’t talk on the phone! Do you want the guy next to you to hear your entire conversation? That’s why you should only text in the bathroom. Just be sure you don’t hit the wrong button and end up putting a photo of your junk on Twitter. Trust me, you don’t want those followers.”

Is it necessary to talk about his – or anyone else’s – junk in a publication? That’s one of the grossest things I’ve ever heard. And is that really the only reason you shouldn’t talk on the phone in the bathroom? What about the poor person that’s on the other end and having to listen to you go pee-pee? That’s a lot ruder than making someone listen to your conversation, I think. And BTW, Brad, people can listen to your conversations anytime if you have them in a public place. Eavesdropping isn’t only limited to the bathroom stall. And of course we all knew already that Brad is very supportive of lying and that he’s also very supportive of looking at other women’s butts that don’t belong to your wife.

Thanks, Brad! I love it when celebrities prove me right after I’ve already formed strong opinions of them. Brad Pitt is a putz, and will always be a putz. And now that he’s getting older, he seems to becoming happier and happier to open his mouth and show us all just how big of a putz he can be.

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#1 John Doe on 07.23.09 at 7:13 am

You should´nt take every things serious. Read between the lines and spot the sarcasm. Who would really bring their old porn magazines to work to scan them, really? Get real and loosen up a bit!

– Thomas

#2 Brad Pitt on 12.30.09 at 4:45 pm

Seriously, this guy has a large stick up his ass .. or is it girl? Either way, i can tell you’re hopelessly in love with me and the only way to validate yourself is to find my flaws. I understand, i’ve had alot of ex’s do it in the past. I’ll tell you one thing though, most will not come close to the love Angelina and I share so shoot for our happiness, and you just might land yourself a decent guy at the bars you frequent. if not, at least you got your rocks off in the back.

Love always
-Brady Poo

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