Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson: Splitsville!

Wow, I didn’t see this one coming! I really thought that Jessica Simpson would have Tony Romo entrenched in herself as much as she is for a very, very long time. And I also sort of expected that she would con him into doing a show after they got married. Something along the lines of The New Newlyweds, perhaps? But none of that is going to happen now as Romo has kicked Simpson to the curb. Not only did he dump her but he did it the day before her birthday. Normally I would say that that’s cruel and unusual. But seeing as how Jessica was planning a Barbie and Ken-themed birthday party, I’d say that Tony escaped some cruel and unusual punishment himself. And just in the nick of time, too! From US,

“Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo have called it quits, has confirmed.

A source close to Simpson confirms they broke up the night before her 29th birthday July 10. She was supposed to celebrate with a Ken and Barbie-themed party. (On Simpson’s birthday, Romo spent the night at Los Angeles hot spot My House.)

“She canceled her party because of this,” the source tells Us. “She’s doing OK.”

“Barbie party didn’t happen, but I turned 29 and feel like I am on top of the world yelling I LOVE GETTING OLDER!” she wrote on her Twitter page Saturday.

Later, she wrote: “Everyone needs to know that hope floats…grab the strings and pull it back to you… Falling asleep with my mom and the dogs. Please, Lord, give all of my beautiful fans, friends, enemies, and family rest. Bring all of us peace.”

A close friend of Romo’s tells Us of the split: “It’s been a long time coming.”

Still, another source tells Us the volatile couple could always get back together. “They go from one fight right into another, without a second break,” the source tells Us. “It’s always something with Jessica.”

Simpson’s rep had no comment.”

I wonder if the Dallas Cowboys are happier now that Simpson will no longer be a ‘distraction’ for Tony (if those rumors are believed to be true.) Either way, I’m sure that Tony’s much happier. I can’t imagine the patience that it takes to be dating Jessica Simpson. Not only is she the epitome of dumb blonde but she’s also the epitome of spoiled brat.

I wonder if Tony Romo will set his sights back on Carrie Underwood. There were also rumors while he was dating Jessica that he couldn’t stop himself from calling Carrie. Hopefully he’ll just focus on his football career now as Carrie seems pretty happy with her new beau, Mike Fisher too. Or will Jessica go back to Nick Lachey, who also recently split with his girlfriend, Vanessa Minnillo. I really don’t think that will happen either as I think Nick sort of hates Jessica now. I have nothing to base that on, except that I saw him getting endlessly frustrated with her on that horrible reality TV show they did together. But, these are all questions that we get to ponder as we wait to see who Jessica winds up with next. Who knows? If these ‘friends’ of Jessica’s are to be believed, these two could very well end up back together. But, I’m pretty sure that Tony has finally gotten fed up and isn’t about to go down that road again!

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#1 I'm a Bitch Today on 07.14.09 at 8:50 am

You’re speaking my language. Lets drag Carrie into this and Mike Fisher too. I really believe that if Carrie’s “people” didn’t micro manage her “good girl” image, the first feud would have been a lot more fun. Lainey would be beside herself if this did happen. Hockey vs. Football, glamor athlete vs fan favorite on a mediocre team. That would be sooo much fun! Forget Nick. Cowboys fans would want TO back to be the team drama king! Oh, the possibilities! Wonder if she’ll “happen” to be in Dallas in the near future….

I’ll be nice tomorrow, I swear! I don’t like Carrie, never have (and an beginning to hear some things that tell me I’m right about her too), and I’m neutral on Jessica. Although, I think Mike Fisher is a truly great guy, and I don’t want to see him dragged though the mud.

#2 Old Carrie fan on 07.14.09 at 3:38 pm

Hey B…don’t drag Carrie in the mud either. I’ve heard the bad stuff but that was pretty lame and not much came out of it. Carries all good and she’s come out of her shell. Early on…people thought she was too full of herself, but basically she’s a shy person…and private person, like MIke Fisher. She’s also very much a Christian girl and Mike is the Christian man. They have a lot in common so I’m hoping one day to hear things have moved to the ring wearing stage. Maybe sometime next year.

#3 kateb on 07.15.09 at 1:54 am

I agree with both of you. I really like Carrie, and I really, really like her with Mike Fisher. One of my fave celebrity couples, actually. But, I also would like to see Carrie become a little more interesting. She’s got talent coming out of her whazoo and she’s beautiful to boot! But yes, I do think that her people tried so hard to keep that first JS fight to a minimum that it really did make her look like someone who’s trying too hard to play sweet and innocent. I love her, I love Mike and I’m not a big fan of Jessica Simpson. All of that being said, I just think it will be interesting to see what will happen with all of the people involved in the Romo/Simpson/Underwood debacle.

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