A Check-In on A-Rod and Kate

It’s been awhile since we checked in on Kate Hudson and her newest beau, Alex Rodriguez. But the two were seen enjoying some couple time together in Newport Beach, California this past weekend. Apparently, the two had a quiet dinner together before Alex went to play MLB the next day and Kate played mommy to […]

Lady Gaga Gets Sex Wherever It’s Easiest

I would not normally write about the same person two days in a row. Well okay, people like Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon are exempt because I’ll grab any chance I can to write about them. But, I wouldn’t normally write about the same person that I dislike two days in a row. But this […]

Joe Jackson Proves He’s a Schmuck

I really didn’t think about Joe Jackson, Michael’s dad, too much before Michael’s death. I think, thankfully, most of us had forgotten about him once the spotlight turned full-force on the King of Pop. But ever since Michael’s death, Joe Jackson has been front and centre. We’ve heard more from him than anybody else in […]