Jon Gosselin Wastes No Time

Jon Gosselin has certainly not wasted any time in hooking up with a new girl after his divorce proceedings from Kate Gosselin have already started. I’m sure that we all expected to see photos of Jon out with his 23-year-old elementary teacher girlfriend, Deanna Hummel. She did, after all, seem to be the main mistress and not only did Jon spend time with her while she sunbathed in a bikini but she also joined him on a snowboarding trip in Utah that just so happened to be at the same time as his then-wife’s birthday. But now that Jon is a free man, Deanna Hummel is apparently also not good enough for him as he’s taken to a new lady in his life. And she goes by the name of Hailey Glassman. From Celebrity Gossip,

“Fresh off of his much publicized split, Jon Gosselin was spotted spending time with his girlfriend, Hailey Glassman, earlier today (July 11) in St Tropez.

The twosome seemed quite comfortable together as they posed for pictures and enjoyed champagne on Christian Audigier’s boat before heading to the Polo Club.

It is being reported by Radar Online that Jon and Hailey have been dating since before Jon and Kate made their divorce announcement on “Jon & Kate Plus 8.”

Glassman is the daughter of the doctor who performed Kate Gosselin’s tummy tuck.”

So, was the whole Jon and Deanna story just a rumor? A nagging suspicion tells me that it wasn’t. I think that Jon is just dabbling in the sea-o-plenty and trying out his fresh bachelor taste buds that were squelched for so long during his 10-year marriage. And I think the whole thing is sick. First of all, Kate has been highly criticized in the media for being an attention seeker and only being interested in becoming a celebrity and making money. But, since the divorce announcement, we haven’t really seen too much of Kate. And what we have seen has just been her enjoying a holiday with her children. I think she should be applauded for that. She might actually be trying to just be a good mom.

But these pictures of Jon and his many different women are nothing new and yet, everyone seems to forget that he’s a cheater. We have ones of him outside bars with some women, in Utah with another, and just hanging out with plenty, plenty more. What else do we need to prove to us that Jon is a horny pig? I realize he can date as many people as he wants now but his marriage isn’t even cold yet! He might think about showing off at a more appropriate time in his life.  Add to that the fact that he’s now sleeping with someone who’s associated with getting his wife back together after giving birth to 6 of his 8 children and the whole thing becomes even more appalling.

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#1 Beat it on 07.12.09 at 7:39 am

Well looky looky who is misbehaving now?

A appearance picture is worth a thousand comments.

Is it jack in the crotch?
Is it a disobedient spouse?
Is it jill a dildo and bodyguard?
Is it those damm kids who need millions and millions of welfare?
Is it too soon to display an old relationship?
Is it a unwed preggar girl?
Is someone is not being sincere?
Is someone showing their soul?
Is the audience reading tarrot cards?
Is someone cast in an appalling spotlight?
Is someone turning up the volume to misunderstand, dismiss, and humiliate?
Is someone promoting gender issues? which sex looks oppressed?
Does a parents honor come from the kids?
Is the show really still going on?

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