Jesus Jealous of Guy

Ya know what one of the problems is with dating a 20-something guy when you’re 50-something? It’s that you’ve experienced a lot in life and he hasn’t. Another big problem is that he won’t understand why your past experiences are still following you around and will be for the remainder of your life. In Madonna’s case, that past experience goes by the name Guy Ritchie. And the 20-something that doesn’t understand why he’s still there? Is, of course, Jesus Luz. Apparently, Madge is still talking to Guy and Jesus wants it to stop. Oh the manure when we’re so immature! If you can’t understand why two parents of the same children need to keep in contact, then I don’t know what to tell ya.

The story also goes that another reason why Jesus is so upset is because Madonna has also ordered him to stop speaking to anyone he’s ever dated in the past. What did he think was going to happen when he started dating the Queen of Pop? Anyone who’s been on this earth for more than 5 seconds knows that Madonna is a complete control freak and that she becomes total ruler of your life when you get involved with her. From The Daily Mail,

“Madonna may be pleased that she and her former husband are getting along better these days but her toyboy lover Jesus Luz is far from overjoyed.
The 22-year-old Brazilian, who is accompanying Madonna on her latest tour, has confided heis unhappy that six months after the divorce Guy Ritchie is back in the family fold.
‘Guy is with Madonna a lot these days and was invited to a party at her house with some of their mutual friends last weekend,’ says a source.
‘He goes to kabbalah meetings with Madonna and the kids and he adores Mercy.
‘It’s uncomfortable for Jesus having to be around Guy so much and very hypocritical – Madonna has banned Jesus from speaking to any of his ex-girlfriends.’

I don’t think Guy is ‘back in the family fold’ because I don’t think he was probably ever out of it. He is the father of two of Madonna’s children – Rocco and David Banda – and therefore, will never be completely out of the lives of his children or their mother.

I’m really sick of hearing Jesus whine about how hard it is to be with Madonna. And mind you, I realize this story has no verification and could be completely false but anything I hear about Jesus Luz, is him talking about how difficult life with Madge is when she’s been very good to him. She’s put him up in her swanky NYC apartment and his modeling career has completely taken off ever since he’s hooked up with the Material Girl. I think Jesus should be thankful for what he’s given and enjoy it while it lasts. Because you know it won’t be long before Madonna becomes completely bored with him and tosses him for someone else that she can completely dominate over.

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