Custody Case of MJ’s Kids Postponed

I’m not really too sure what’s going on with the custody case of Michael Jackson’s kids. I’m not too sure anyone is. Last I had heard, Michael Jackson’s mother, Katherine Jackson, was given temporary custody and it was to remain that way until another hearing in August, when a more permanent decision would be made. Maybe when Michael Jackson’s will was found, and in it he deemed his mother as the guardian of the children another hearing was scheduled to make that legallypermanent. I’m not sure what happened really but apparently, there was going to be a hearing on Monday, July 13, and that has now been postponed to the following Monday, July 20. When the July 13 date came into play is where I get confused.

What confuses me even more is that there’s conflicting stories on the side of Debbie Rowe, two of the children’s biological mother. While it looked at first that she was going to fight for ‘her kids’, her attorney has also come out with statements that she remains undecided as to whether or not she wants to pursue it. Add to that the fact that Rowe has told a close friend – a close, named friend – that she does want the kids, and who knows what’s going on or what’s going to happen! See if you can sort it out for yourself. From People,

“A custody hearing for temporary guardianship of Michael Jackson’s children scheduled for Monday has been rescheduledfor July 20 at the request of Katherine Jackson and Debbie Rowe, according to court officials.

“All prior orders remain in full force and effect, with Katherine Jackson as temporary guardian of the children,” according to a Los Angeles Superior Court statement released Friday afternoon.

Michael Jackson’s kids – Prince Michael I, 12, Paris, 11, and Prince Michael II (Blanket), 7 – have been living with their grandmother, Katherine, and staying at her Encino, Calif., home since the death of the pop icon on June 25.

Rowe, who is the biological mother of Prince and Paris, has not filed a petition for temporary guardianship, says a courthouse spokesperson. Blanket’s mother has never been identified.

Last week, Rowe’s attorney Eric George, said, “The truth is that Debbie has not reached a final decision concerning the pending custody proceedings.”

This came on the heels of Rowe telling her former attorney and close friend Iris Finsilver that she intended to pursue custody. “Frankly, she won’t have to fight for them, ” Finsilver told PEOPLE. “She is the children’s biological mother. She loves her children.”

But Jackson’s mother, Katherine, was named the guardian of his three children in his will, which was revealed last week. A source close to the family says of the Jacksons: “They will fight.”

There are many problems with this. The fact that anyone considers Debbie Rowe a fit mother for those children disturbs me. People who make good mothers don’t sell their children for millions of dollars, which is what she did when she signed away her maternal rights for a lump sum. The fact that anyone would think that Debbie Rowe actually loves these children also disturbs me. How can you love children that you don’t even know and have had no contact with over the past 10 years?

Another disturbing thought that I’m just throwing out there – Katherine Jackson will most likely be made the permanent and legal guardian of these children. Debbie has no case and it was in Michael’s will, which seems to seal the deal for me. But what no one seems to be questioning is whether or not Katherine will make a good guardian. Every time I hear about it, I can’t help but think that this was the same woman who allowed her own children, Michael especially, to be abused by his father – her husband. She never left him and obviously, she allowed these things to happen.

There really is no good answer. Unfortunately, I think that these kids will be screwed up for a very, very long time.

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