Jon Gosselin Wastes No Time

Jon Gosselin has certainly not wasted any time in hooking up with a new girl after his divorce proceedings from Kate Gosselin have already started. I’m sure that we all expected to see photos of Jon out with his 23-year-old elementary teacher girlfriend, Deanna Hummel. She did, after all, seem to be the main mistress […]

Lady Gaga – Not Gaga Over Any Man

I really hate Lady Gaga and I’m really glad that I don’t get the opportunity to write about her very often. Seeing as how this site focuses mainly on the relationships of celebrities, it seems that I also won’t have to write about her any time soon because she ‘doesn’t need a man’ and ‘probably […]

Custody Case of MJ’s Kids Postponed

I’m not really too sure what’s going on with the custody case of Michael Jackson’s kids. I’m not too sure anyone is. Last I had heard, Michael Jackson’s mother, Katherine Jackson, was given temporary custody and it was to remain that way until another hearing in August, when a more permanent decision would be made. […]

Jesus Jealous of Guy

Ya know what one of the problems is with dating a 20-something guy when you’re 50-something? It’s that you’ve experienced a lot in life and he hasn’t. Another big problem is that he won’t understand why your past experiences are still following you around and will be for the remainder of your life. In Madonna’s […]